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You Join Me! – Shirdi Sai Baba

You join me! – Shirdi Sai Baba

Baba says I will take care of all your responsibilities if you join me, no matter how much I bow to him, I am devout.

But, they are asking how he can be rhythmic and hand over all the responsibilities! They ask if it can be explained.

To think of ourselves as God in all things means to be in tune with Him. Doesn’t this seem too much? You may ask.

Certainly not much. This is the truth that all our Shastras and Vedas say. Datvamasi is the essence of the sub-nishats! Does that mean you don’t have it? That means you have to become rhythmic.

Let me tell you how I get into rhythm with him Follow it up if appropriate otherwise leave it at that.

I would tell my wife to give me food and coffee, thinking that whoever came to my house would be hungry. Sometimes I do it myself. I have been thinking for a long time that this is my own nature. Now when you think about whose nature this is, it is Baba’s nature.

He is the one who comes to him, whoever is poor, rich, sick, stranger, he will look at him with sympathy and feed and send him satisfied.

Sometimes, I forget myself and wander around, wander, eat what I see, and be in the company of the beholder. I’m not even dressed properly. Then my wife would yell that the honor was gone.

I have dignity. ” As I go along I will think whose nature it is to say this. This is the angelic nature of Baba. I.e. the nature of Dattatreya.

Sometimes I will give what the hearer does not have and come before them to clear the grief. I will comfort you in times of distress. Ants feed on birds, dogs and cows. The mind will ask whose nature it is

This is Baba’s protective quality. I.e. the Vishnu nature of Baba.

Sometimes I would buy eggs and incubate them in return for eating and then make chicks or do some work. Baba is doing this .. Whose character is this? There are five liters of blood in the body of a mosquito bite. The mosquito is going to drink less than a drop. Without thinking of letting go of the drink, I hit it right away. I will also hunt and kill other mosquitoes without stopping.

Now the mind will ask who is this nature. I will tell myself that this is the Rudra quality of Baba.

I hear a voice inside me when someone comes to see me and tells me of the difficult losses and prays and strengthens them. Whose character is this?

This is the priestly nature of Baba. I.e. the Dakshinamoorthy nature of Baba.

When adults or children tell me something I don’t know, I ask whose nature it is. This is Baba’s disciple sin, that is, the attitude of disciple, learner.

I would have been studying. Baba I was writing Whose character is this? Baba’s Vidya Gunam means Saraswati

After comparing everything like this to each other, I didn’t do anything alone. I understand that he reveals his every character from within me.

I will still ask Baba. Baba said, “All right, what is my true nature?”

“No matter how much I say, I do everything myself with a skeptical eye, without any clarity. I am the cause of everything. It is your true nature to think that nothing can happen without me.” That is your true nature.

“Everything’s right, Baba. I’m in trouble. Others are harassing me. I ‘m losing to others. I’m stuck in debt. Where does my nature go only when it’s deteriorating?

This means that the opposite demonic nature works when you come to the point of defeat. Evil will always work actively. Only then will I develop my divine strength to resist it. I will use my senses to find ways to deal with it and fight back, “said Baba.

Did you see? Sai Devotees! I am aware of the fact that whatever I do and whatever happens to me is done by Sai who does it and not me. This is the name of the rhythm in him. What happens when this happens and what happens if it doesn’t? I will go to my song. Others have called it the way of God.

Now, I think you understand the rhythmic thing.

Sai Nama Theetchai (Initiation)

Those who are convinced of a goal know that something must reach our goal if anyone knows that meditating on the Sai name constantly is a difficult thing. We do not all need to set goals. He will take us by the hand and lead us to whatever goal we want to reach.

So, practice saying Shirdi Sai … Shirdi Sai … whenever possible. It will bring you to the point where you have been telling yourself for a long time without knowing yourself. They will pronounce that name even during sleep. When you wake up from sleep you will sit up telling yourself unknowingly. This is the secret of Sai Rama meditation.

 I used to go to places like temples, trees, tombs of the times when I used to meditate. I will sit there and say the name of God.

Sometimes if you sit in meditation at six in the morning you don’t know what happened. It will be ten or eleven o’clock in the morning. Have I been meditating for so long? What would have happened was I would have slept in a sitting position.

Once I was praying with my eyes closed while lying down to worship Baba’s feet in our prayer center. That’s all I know. A friend of Dr. Tamil Sidhan and the owner of Ananda Hardwares, who sent the brick wire to build the prayer center, came to see me and waited outside for more than an hour.

Those who waited patiently for me to wake up now and then would be left disappointed. When I woke up and looked back at Baba, both of them had arrived. “Come on,” I called. “You’ve been like this for an hour! If you wait patiently for you to wake up, an hour will have flown by.” I have been thinking for many days as to what condition. I understood that it comes from forcibly dragging my mind and forcing it into meditation. Pulling the mind away from the objects and engaging in meditation is like giving a book to an uneducated boy and forcing him to read.

Just as a boy yawns and falls asleep while taking a lesson he does not like, his mind and body fall asleep together when he engages in insatiable meditation.

When I wake up from sleep, I will memorize the name while walking. Meditation is like touching the mind and washing the face in sleep disturbance and studying but not studying.

I found out after that. The body needs to be refreshed before meditating

That is to say, knowing that the mind must be transformed into a healthy, non-pervasive, satisfying mind.

I realized that meditation should be in accordance with the body and mind. It is understood that sleep and laziness are the first barriers to meditation. After that I took care not to let them enter my meditative life. After that everything started to happen satisfactorily.

The Guru who built Satguru

Poojyasree Narasimha Swamy is the whole reason why the fame of Siradi Sai Baba spread all over India. So much so that he had never seen Shirdi Sai Baba in person.

He says. “I went in all four directions of India in search of a Satguru. In 1936 (18 years after Sai Baba’s Samadhi) I came to Shirdi where I found him in my heart.

Was wandering non-stop. I went to many places. I saw many great sages. My spiritual thirst – spiritual hunger is not included until I come to Shirdi and see Sai Baba Samadhi face to face

He was the one who stopped my search. In the saree I got many times more than I could take. I finally found my Satguru. He is Satguru Sainath.

I will be in touch with him forever! “How did he feel when he first stood in front of the tomb in 1936 in Shirdi?

He stood silently looking at the tomb. It was the happiest moment of his life. A wave of spiritual fire called Sai Baba surrounded millions of cells all over Narasimha Swami’s body. Instead it gave a new life to Narasimha Swami. His old body was transformed into Sai Swaroopi Narasimha Swami.

This change took place in an instant. Narasimha Swami attained spiritual consciousness. Sai was reunited with Baba. In short, Narasimha Swamy became Sai. He was very confused and his mind was calm.

His mind was as pure as the blue sky. Sai Baba became the recipient of the entire treasure. Sai Baba ignited the light of his spiritual consciousness. The price paid by Narasimha Swamy to get this is high. He was the one who built the Mylapore Baba Temple. Who spread the propaganda about Baba all over India.

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