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An exceptional characteristic of Sai Baba is that he is above political, caste or creed distinctions. He represented all faiths, and he preached the Eternal Love faith.

I had experienced the miracle of Sai Baba when my 2-year-old daughter was severely injured. My daughter Navya got her fingers stuck into the door in my room. She had a severe bleed and it was night time on December nearly 11 pm. She got her hand dressed in the nearby hospital and the doctor told me to take her again the next day to the hospital. The doctor said her four bones were broken and had to put plaster. My little daughter cried in pain. I started praying when I saw Sai Baba on the hospital’s calendar to heal my daughter and to reduce the pain. As soon I prayed it was a surprise my daughter stopped her cry. And the bandage doctor puts on her hand fell and her hand stopped bleeding. It was a Sai Baba miracle and blessings on my daughter, her bones did not break. It is the Kripa of Sai Baba and he helps everyone who seeks him.

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