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Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga

The Temple of Trimbakeshwar is located 30 km from Nasik, near the Brahmagiri mountains from which the Godavari flows. It is revered as one of Lord Shiva ‘s 12 Jyotrilingas, and also as the Godavari ‘s source. The incredible aspect of jyotirlinga here is that it has three faces, embodying Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma.and Lord Shiva. The lingam has begun to ero because of excessive use of water.Legend has it that there was a drought that lasted for 24 years and people died of hunger. However, Sage Gautama was satisfied with Varun, the god of Rains, and so he arranged rainfall only in Gautam’s Trimbakeshwar ashram every day. Gautam used to sow rice in the morning, harvest it in the afternoon and feed it in the evening for the neighbouring sages.In his ashram the wise took refuge.Because of drought the sages took refuge in his ashram. The sages’ blessings increased the worth of Gautam which made the role of Lord Indra shaky.
This resulted in Indra ending the famine and causing rainfall in the village. Gautam even then continued to feed the sages and received honour. A cow came to his field once, and started grazing on his crop.Gautam was angry and he hurled Darbha(pointed grass) at her. That killed Jaya, the slender cow who was actually a friend of Goddess Parvati. This news angered the sages, and they refused to eat in the ashram of Gautam.

Gautam realised his mistake and asked the sages for a way to win pardon. The sages told him to go to the Ganges to bathe. Gautam started to pray to Lord Shiva by going up to the Brahmagiri peak to give him the Ganges. The King, satisfied with his dedication, decided to partake with the Ganges.
The Ganges, however, were not ready to part with the lord. Gautam surrounded the river with beautiful grass and managers

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