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things you should know about Shirdi

Top 5 most-visited tourist destinations in Shirdi

Shirdi Sai temple which is located in Maharashtra is one of the best pilgrimage centers in India.

It is believed that one who enters the semi-town of Shirdi will be freed from all sins. Pilgrims from all walks of life visit the Holy temple of Shirdi Sai and offer their prayers to him. 

There is a positive aura inside this holy shrine which will take your mind to a sublime state.

Tourists who are longing for mental peace will achieve their objective once they enter the sanctum sanctorum of Shirdi Sai Temple. 

Plenty of Muslims, Christians, and Hindus sit together as one commune and offer prayer in front of the Sai maha samadhi shrine. Interestingly, this richest temple in India propagates oneness, sacrifice, tolerance, universal brotherhood, and simplicity. 

A large number of international tourists from western and eastern countries visit this temple during holiday seasons and offer their prayers to  Saibaba. The legend has it that baba lived in this small hamlet for several decades and inculcated good thoughts in the minds of villagers. 

He has a large number of retinues and followers not only in India but also in other countries. Shirdi Sai has done hundreds of miracles when he lived in Shirdi and rescued the sufferers from the clutches of miseries. 

The temple priest will distribute holy ash, sweets, and flowers which you can take it along with you to your home. It is believed that the holy ash which is nothing but remnants of the burnt wood has healing properties and people who apply the ash on their forehead or swallow it will recover from diseases. 

The life-size marble idol of Shirdi Saibaba in sitting posture will welcome you when you step inside the sanctum sanctorum. You can pray baba from close quarters and receive his blessings. It is worth noting that Shri Shirdi Sai Temple is a well-maintained temple that is administered by the local government. 

Sit inside the baba temple and find that eternal peace

Shirdi enjoys pleasant climates from November to March and you can tour all the tourist spots near Shirdi during winter months. But the Shirdi Sai temple sees thousands of visitors every day and the count are only growing steadily year after year. 

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Best tourist attractions in Shirdi 

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Listed below are the top 5 tourist spots in shirdi which see plenty of tourist activities throughout the year. 

  • Saibaba Sansthan temple 

As explained earlier tourists who flock Shirdi make it a point to visit this temple and offer their prayers to Shirdi Sai before departing to other tourist hotspots. Strolling, meditation, and praying inside this temple silently will be a different experience.

First-time visitors should not miss the aartis that take place several times. The special rituals time slots are as follows.

– Bhupali pooja – It starts at the wee hours of 4.15 AM 

– Kakad aarti and pooja – Chanting and music – It starts at 5 AM

– Dhoop arati and special pooja – devotional songs and music – It starts at 6.00 PM

– Shej Arti and pooja – Devotional songs and music – It starts at 10.30 PM 

You should check the sai darshan timing before entering into the temple complex.

There are no entry fees for the tourists and the general public. If you are planning for a quick darshan, then you have to buy VIP tickets which may cost you an amount of Rs.300 from the temple ticket counter.

Temple is maintained well by the authorities and visiting this temple during morning and evening will be an ultimate joy.

  • Samadhi Mandir

The tomb made from marble was constructed above the mortal coils of Shirdi Saibaba. Devotees in large numbers gather here and meditate near the samadhi mandir. You will feel relaxed and comfortable when you pray here. Muslims from various parts of India visit Samadhi mandir and pray for a few minutes. 

It was once owned by a wealthy individual. Now it is maintained by the local temple authority. 

  • Gurusthan 

It is believed that Shirdi Saibaba first appeared here when he was just 16 years old. Saibaba used to sit under the neem tree for hours and bless his devotees. You will get that ultimate happiness and bliss when you visit Gurusthan with your family. 

  • Lendi Garden

Lendi garden is one of the best tourist spots. When baba lived in Shirdi he created and maintained this expansive park. He came here regularly and watered all the plants. Strolling near the ornamental plants will be a great experience. 

  • Dwarkamai

Dwarakamai was once a dilapidated mosque where Saibaba stayed and propagated his ideologies to the locales. You will love the calmness and peace and stay with your family for hours. You can sit in front of the dhuni and pray silently and ask for boons. 

chennai to shirdi places to visit
Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba

You can buy handmade toys, jewelry, clothes, and dresses from local shops and carry them along with you to your home. 

Shirdi is also one of the busiest places in Ahmednagar. The Shirdi Airport is only 15 km from the temple complex. After alighting from the direct flight from Chennai, you can come directly to the shrine and worship the Sufi saint Shirdi Saibaba before touring other nearby places. 

You can also take your family to Khandoba temple which is only a few kilometers from the

sai temple. This is the place where baba found his ardent follower namely Malasthapathi. He was the one who fondly called him Saibaba. 

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