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  1. Golden Temple, Punjab 

The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib is one of the holiest places in Punjab. The people of Punjab consider it to be the prime religious location in the whole state. The reason behind calling it a golden temple is very event in the colour and surrounding of the temple. They have a golden texture around everything. Gold is a precious thing and that shows how precious this temple is to everyone here. It’s not only the Punjabis who come to see this place. People from all over the country visit this place for their devotion towards the chosen one. The exact location of this temple is Amritsar. This beautiful temple is affiliated to Sikhism. This is the most sacred place for the Sikh people. But specialty lies in the fact that people of other religion and different cast and creed also visit this place with utmost devotion and religiousness in their heart. That’s what makes this temple so special. 

  1. Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu and Kashmir 

Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu and Kashmir is not just a temple, it’s a thing of beauty and wonder. The atmosphere, surrounding climate is simply matchless. This is a Hindu temple but it doesn’t matter much because people of every religion visit this place not only out of religiousness but also for the sake of enjoying the beauty of the place. Vaishno Devi is the presiding deity of this temple. This temple has a cave like structure which is quite an unique feature compared to other temples. The temple is located more than five thousand feet above the surface level. This temple is one of the most visited religious places in India. There are millions of people who come from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of the place. This place has a very interesting mythological backdrop which makes it more amazing. 

  1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttar Pradesh 

Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. From North to South and East to West, there are barely any people who don’t know about this illustrious temple. This temple also has a golden texture at the peak of the architecture. The beauty and serenity of this place is nothing but priceless. The temple is situated on the banks of river Ganga, the holiest river as considered by the people of India. Another interesting fact about the temple is that this is among the twelve Jyotirlinga temples in India. That certainly enhances the value of this temple.

  1. Badrinath Temple, Uttarakhand 

Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand is also a very pleasant religious place in Northern India. Uttarakhand is full of natural beauty and religious places. Badrinath is among the most valuable temples in Uttarakhand. Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity of Badrinath temple. The devotees of lord vishnu love to visit this place and fulfill their heart with divinity. Though the beauty of the place is simply amazing but still the climate of this place is a bit extreme in these areas. The temple remains open for only six months because of this extreme weather. The temple stands by the Alaknanda rivers. The religious importance of this temple is huge.

  1. Amarnath Temple, Uttarakhand

Amarnath Temple in Uttarakhand is another famous religious place in Jammu Kashmir. Lord Shiva is the deity of this temple. The most amazing feature of this temple is that the temple is situated amidst caves. The temple is more than ten thousand feet above the ground level. The cave temple is fully surrounded by snow covered mountains. The temperature of the place is very low. The temple remains fully covered with snow at most of the times of the year. There is a very short period of time when people can go and see places. But this doesn’t decrease the importance of the temple as numerous people from all over India come here in search of religiousness and peace. Even the old people who could barely walk also have the craving to visit this place. This proves how holy this place is to everyone.

  1. ISKCON Temple, 

ISKCON has many temples all over India. They have temples in most of the well established cities in India. But the specialty lies in the fact that, all of them are very important religious places regarding the popularity of the temples. ISKCON Temple Delhi is very famous in it’s own way. A huge amount of people come in the presence of the love god, Lord Krishna as this temple is dedicated to him. This is a newly formed temple but it doesn’t mean that it has no grandeur. It is very special to the people of Delhi as well as people of other parts of the country. The devotees of Lord Krishna come to this place in search of peace and serenity and they have all the reasons to come here. It is indeed a place of wonder. 

  1. Dwarkadheesh temple, Uttar Pradesh

Dwarkadheesh temple in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is another famous temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This temple is one of the most ancient and largest temples in Uttar Pradesh. One salient feature of this ancient temple is that the devotees also worship the goddess Radha along with Lord Krishna. It leaves no doubt that this temple will surely attract the visitor towards it. There are thousands of people who regularly visit this temple out of religiosity and devotion. This becomes a place to be in the festival time like Janmashtami, Holi, Radhastami etc. This temple turns up to be a place of light and wonder on those occasions. You can’t help yourself from being a part of everything at that time. This will certainly entice you with beauty and glamor. There lies the specialty of the place.

  1. Lotus Temple, Delhi 

Lotus temple in Delhi has now become one of the major attractions of New Delhi. The most interesting and eye-catching feature of this place is that people of any religion , caste, creed, sex can visit this place and worship their respective god or goddess. Apart from this amazing specialty, the beauty of this temple surpasses everything. The lotus-like structure of the temple attracts people very much. The overall structure along with the interior designs are matchless. You can’t help yourself from being amazed once you visit this temple for once.

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