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Thirunageswaram Naganatha Swamy Temple - Thirunageswaram, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (276 Shiva Sthalangal)

Sri Naganathaswamy Temple or Rahu Sthalam is one of the 9 Navagraha temples in the vicinity of Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu and dedicated to Rahu. It is one of the 127 temples on the Cauvery river ‘s southern banks, and also one of the Panchakrosa Sthalas.

  • Moolavar : Nageswarar, Naganathar
  • Amman / Thayar :Piraiani Vanudhalal (Girija GujambikaiInseparate shrine)
  • Thala Virutcham : Shenbagam
  • Theertham : Surya theertham
  • Old year : 1000-2000 years old
  • Historical Name : Tirunagechuram
  • Location : Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu

Lord Naganathaswamy is Presiding Deity. The Goddess has two Shrines; the Shrine of Piraiyanivanudalumai is adjacent to the Shrine of Naganathaswamy and GiriGujambika with Lakshmi and Saraswathy by her side.

Another function of this temple is that the milk, when poured over the idol, turns blue which is clearly visible during milk abhishekam.

A special aspect of Sri Naganathaswamy Temple is that it is seen with human face by Rahu Bhagavan. In other locations, Rahu Bhagavan is normally seen with the mask of a serpent. This is where Rahu Bhagavan and his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni are present. Here Rahu worshipped Lord Shiva and got relieved of a curse.

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