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ThiruKetheeswaram Temple - Mannar, Sri Lanka (276 Shiva Sthalangal)

One of the most venerated Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, situated in Mannar District, Nothern Province of Sri Lanka, is Ketheeswaram Temple or Thiruketheeswaram Hindu Temple in Manner. This is also one of the five temples in Sri Lanka devoted to the Hindu deity Shiva’s Pancha Ishwarams (five abodes of God Shiva). And this temple was also venerated all over the continent by the Shaivas.

Thiruketheeswaram is one of the 276 Paadal Petra Sthalams of Shiva glorified in the Tevaram poems, according to the Hindu Manthota natives.

It is believed that there is a direct connexion between the Temple of Ketheeswaram and the Sri Lankan Ramayana Trail.

This temple was founded by Mayan, the king of Manthai, who is also the father of Mandothari, who was the wife of king Ravana, according to the Ramayana Yatra of Sri Lanka.

According to the Hindu tale, at this brightness, Maharishi Bhrigu adored Shiva. Another tradition also holds that at this shine, the Hindu Planetary got Ketu adoring shiva, so this shine is called Ketheeswaram.

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