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Thiruchanoor,Sri Padmavathi Amman Temple
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The name Padmavathi means “Emerging from the Lotus”. , She emerged from the lotus in Padma Pushkarini on Panchami Tithi in the month of Karthika. She was none other than Vedavati, who was in the form of Sita in Ravana’s prisonImmerse yourself in holy water with the divine discus called Sudarshana. It is a hard rock belief that holy bathing in this ritual will bring happiness, peace and prosperity and ultimately free them from the cycle of birth and death.The revelation of Padmavathi Devi occurred in Sukla Paksha Panchami when the star Uttarasada ascended in the month of Karthika. The Brahmotsavam of the Goddess is celebrated with all pomp and glory to commemorate the auspicious occasion of her incarnation…

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