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Baba said he was a slave in the hands of those that loved him, that he was only living to support those who turn to him and that day and night he had to look after his family. He then taught the Almighty Master's values of total surrender (ALLAH MALIK EK- The only ONE), and experienced his grace.

Here is another devotee to share her experience of miracles of Sai Baba. In August 2015 we arrived at the USA carrying all dreams. But unfortunately, nothing went well. There were more difficulties and we had no good luck after we went there. My husband faced problems in his job within a 3 month period. He was told that there are no other projects to work after December month by his manager. With all his worries his mother died in late December 2015. My husband became so suppressed at that time. He was in depression. I gave him confidence and said to him that Sai will help us. With full belief in Sai Baba, I began NavVrat. No wonder my husband is offered with a new job before I finish Navvrat. All our problems vanished with Sai’s grace. Sai Baba is always with us so have faith in Sai Baba and give yourself in Sai Baba’s feet.

One day my friend introduced a lady at my office. That lady asked what plans do you have this Diwali. I said that I have to attend the office. She told me that there is Kaakkadaari in Sai temple at 5 am and whether I could join her. My colleague said that I am a great follower of Sai. That lady is happy to hear that I am a follower of Sai too. The lady said that she should bring the book of Sai tomorrow. That’s exactly the book of Sai Baba.

The lady said it is the “Sai Satcharitra” book. I was so happy that I was in tears. The miracle happened exactly one hour after I asked Sai for my book, it was such a miracle to be very surprised. The next day the lady gave me Sai Satcharitra and it is a spare book. The lady and I became a friend and went to Sai temple every Thursday with her. I said everything to her about the miracle. In December I came to India. And she also came to India on 25th December. I said to her that we should visit the Sai Baba temple at Lodhi road. When she arrived in India I met her and took her to Sai Baba temple as soon as we saw since we had less time. And we went to Sai temple near her house of Aunt in Delhi and it is exactly the same temple I went for the first time my friend took me. It is the place where I started my belief in Sai Baba. It was again a miracle of Sai Baba.

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