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Shirdi's SaiBaba was also an opponent of theological conservatism-Hindu and Muslim alike. While SaiBaba himself lived an ascetic 's life, he urged his followers to lead an ordinary family life.

I am going to share my personal experience with “the power of Sai”. I am a devotee of Sai Baba, I used to visit Mylapore Sai Baba temple which is one of the favorite temples of mine. Every year during my birthday I used to visit Baba temple get his blessing and offer something to poor. To do my post graduation I moved to a college that is located outer side of trichy, where to get stationery things we have to travel 5 kms. On this year birthday, I was telling my friends how sad as I could not visit Mylapore temple this time. Few of my relatives came in the car to visit me, they asked for the nearby temple and they took me to Amman temple.

As I want to see Sai I did not go with my mother but stayed inside the car. When my mom came outside a flower seller told her there is a temple in the basement, she insisted me to join her hesitantly I joined her. To my surprise, it was Sai Baba temple. I am so thrilled while thinking about how Baba made me reach him. There were two shivan temples on the way but we were guided to this temple, how my mother compiles me to join her? How come that flower seller informed us about the basement? These all are miracles of Sai’s timely guidance. After that, I regularly went to visit Sai and offer him with lotus flower brought from the flower seller as a gesture of thanks. Whatever the situation Sai will always be with you “OM SAI RAM”.

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