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Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba
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Sai has become part of my life as my prayers are been answered. I am not devoted to Sai Baba in the early stages when I was studying in college once I went to Sai temple with my friends. Then came back home, doing regular works. After a few days, I got selected in campus interview and placed in a Chennai based company. Simply I visited Sai temple nearby and asked Baba if he fulfills my prayer then I will believe him. My prayer came true and again I asked for two things it also happened. I started believing Sai, as my family was searching for the groom I prayed to Sai to find a person who makes up to my expectations. I got a perfect husband and in-laws. Next time I pray to get conceived, on Thursday my pregnancy was conformed. I was so happy and thankful to Sai. Two times my husband got a transfer and I was searching for a job every time Sai helped me to get a job. Finally, I got a new job which was interviewed by a man named Sai. It was truly a miracle and grace that Sai has been shown towards in these five years.

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