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The actual identity of Sainath has consistently been a mystery. His original name and faith, and the early years of his career, are scarcely any examples.

There are occasions that happened can be a miracle or just a co–incidence. On this year Dhanteras/Dhanatrayodashi, the first day of diwali at around 4.30 pm I tried to get some flowers. The place I am living in is developed but couldn’t get a few things easily like flowers. I learnt that the flowers were available near a cross road and went to get the flowers. But I could not find flowers there. So I made my mind to do puja without flowers. While returning home I thought someone would come and give flowers like in stories of Sai Sat Charitra. That thought made me laugh as I am an outlawed person and things will not happen that way. In front of my own society, I saw a lady with flowers, she is my previous maid. She was happy seeing me and said she made me some “mala” (flower garland). I was shocked as I have not seen her before in this place after leaving my house. That day I read Sai Sat charitra “when you pray to your guru he will make sure that all the religious events that take place in your house are done as expected” which I experienced today.

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