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Srikalahasti Temple
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Srikalahasti is one of the panchabootha stalam and represents vayu stalam. Srikalahasthi Temple is located in the town of Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Moolavar : Kalathiappar, Kalatheeswarar
  • Amman / Thayar :Gnanaparasunambikai,Gnanapoongothai,Gnanasundari
  • Thala Virutcham : Vilwa
  • Theertham : River Ponmuhali (also Swarnamukhi river)
  • Old year : 2000-3000 years old
  • Historical Name : Seekalathi
  • Location : Kalahasthi,Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh. 

There are different storeys connected with Lord Shiva’s devotees sacrificing to show their devotion and reverence for Shiva.

According to many Hindu scriptures the temple is connected with the storey of Lord Shiva ‘s three devoted devotees. The name Sri kalahasti itself derives from the name of all three devotees; Sri was taken from spider, serpent kala and Elephant Hasti.

All three are believed to have been devoted worshippers of Lord Shiva and they gave pooja in their own way to Lord Shiva. Though Abhishek was provided by the elephant with water from the nearby river to Lord Linga, the spider used to wrap around the linga, the strong thread to shield it from deterioration.

On the other hand the Serpent used to decorate the lingam by placing Naga Manikyam near the lingam, his dear stone. Once, when each of the three tried to do the pooja in their own way, they crossed each other’s route and the elephant found the spider’s worshipping method to be insensitive and so he splashed the spider’s thread with his water-filled trunk.

The serpent and spider became furious at the act of elephant, and to take revenge the serpent entered the elephant’s trunk and spread its venom.

The anger persisted and the elephant smashed his trunk against the lingam and killed the serpent and the spider also died in between the battle. Finally the elephant dies because of the poison ‘s effect on its whole body. Looking at his devotees’ sacrifice, Lord Shiva was happy and he gave salvation to the elephant and the snake, while the spider was rebirthed as King to serve.

The other tale associated with the temple is that of Sri kannappa Swamy who was Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee. It is believed that once he saw blood coming out of Lord Shiva ‘s eyes, and so in reaction to that and stopping blood flow, he took his one eye out and put it on the lingam’s.Then Lord Shiva stopped him, when he was about to demolish his other .

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