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Sri Madhimuktheswarar Temple - Thiru Thilathaipathi (Sethalapathi), Thiruvarur,Tamil Nadu (276 Shiva Sthalangal)
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This is one of 276 Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalams and 58 Shiva Sthalams at Chozha Nadu (Thenkarai) on the southern bank of the Cauveri River. Lord Shiva in that temple is a (self-manifested) Swayambumurthi. This is a popular “parihara sthalam” for performing similar ancestral rituals to those performed in Rameswaram.

  • Moolavar:Sri Madhimuktheswarar, Sri Mandaravaneswarar
  • Ambal:Sri Porkodi Nayaki, Sri Swarnavalli, Sri Maragatha Valli
  • Theertham (Holy water):Surya Theertham, Chandra Theertham and river Arisilaru
  • Sthala Vriksham (Sacred Tree):Mantharai tree
  • Pathigam (Hymn) rendered by: Saint Thirugnanasambanthar.
  • Location:Thiru Thilathaipathi (Sethalapathi), Thiruvarur,Tamil Nadu

The main tower (Rajagopuram) facing east of this temple has 3 steps. Although the tower’s rear side is smooth (without any reliefs). The temple has a narrow passageway.

The tower of the sanctum is called “Dhuvithala Vimanam” The final ceremony of consecration (Kumbabishekam) was held on 08.07.2012 and before that on 25.08.1999.

The temple is located on the southern banks of the Arisilaru River that flows north to south. Rivers that flow in this direction are called Uthiravahini.

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