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Sri Agastheeswarar Temple -Kiliyannavur (Kiliyanur),Villupuram,Tamil Nadu(276 Shiva Sthalangal)
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This is one of the 276 Devara Padal Petra Shiva Sthalams and Nadu Naadu’s 33rd Shiva Sthalam. It’s said this is the last (276th) Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam found to date.

  • Moolavar:Sri Agastheewarar
  • Ambal:Sri Akilandeswari
  • Theertham (Holy water):Agni Theertham
  • Sthala Vriksham (Sacred Tree):Vanni
  • Pathigam (Hymn) rendered by:Saint Thirugnanasambanthar.
  • Location: Kiliyannavur (Kiliyanur),Villupuram,Tamil Nadu.

Lord Shiva in this temple is a Swayambumurthi (self-manifested).

The procession idols (Urchavars) are kept somewhere else for safety reasons as they have been stolen once and later recovered.

This is a parikara Sthalam Rahu-Kedu.
This temple does not have a flag post (Kodimaram) or a main tower (Rajagopuram).

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