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Sitapur, Lingadharini Shakti temple

The gods chose this place to establish Dharma
This is called the Naimishe-Animisha-Kshetra or the abode of Vishnu also known as Animisha.
It is believed that Satrupa and Suyambuva Manu repented for 23000 years for the birth of their son Narayana Bhagavan.
Ved Vyasa combined 6 Shastras, 18 Puranas, and 4 Vedas in this place, which is where Srimad Bhagavatam was spoken aloud at the same length.
Krishna’s brother Pandavas and Balarama visited this place. Tulsidas is believed to have written the Rama Charita Manas here…

Rengha Holidays

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