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Shitla Mata Mandir or Shitla Devi Mandir is located at Patna City. This is an area for worship of Mata Durga also referred to as shakti peeth of Maa Durga. Shitla Mata Temple is located at Main market near Tower Chowk, Deoghar. Devotees come here and sit down for hours in its premises. The temple has less top however idols are ancient. It is believed that incurable sicknesses are cured if one worships here with heart. Every 12 months in the month of Chaita (April), Shitla Puja celebration takes location with first-rate pomp and show.

Shitla Mata Temple or Shitla Devi Mandir is a Hindu Temple located at Patna City. This is a shakti peeth of Maa Durga. Shitla Mata Temple is located at the main market near Tower Chowk, Deoghar. It is believed that incurable illnesses are cured if one worships here with heart. Shitla Puja is the fundamental attraction of this Devi mandir; which celebrated within the Hindu month Chaitra.

It houses the picture of Shitala Devi, and the pindas of the ‘Saptamatrikas’ (the seven mother bureaucracy). It is broadly revered and worshiped for the therapies for the small-pox in addition to for satisfying all kinds of dreams. The site once contained several historical and medieval sculptures. Of these, at the least one changed into that of the Yaksha of the Mauryan art-association.

However, the statues have no current document as of now. The site is situated at a brief distance south-west of Gulzarbagh station. It is barely one kilometer away from the archaeological ruins of Kumhrar Park.

“Agam Kuan” placed in Patna, the capital of Bihar, and with it the temple of “Mata Sheetla ji”, incorporates many miracles and mysteries. The Shitala Mata Temple and the Agam Kuan belong to the generation of Emperor Ashoka. This temple is complete of devotees at some point of the yr. It is assumed that bathing with the holy water of Agam Kuan provides relief from infertility as well as many sicknesses.

The Secret of Agam Kuan ‘ – This properly has had religious importance for the reason that time of Emperor Ashoka. Also, there are many ideals and secrets and techniques associated with this temple and properly. Many secrets and techniques are nevertheless saved inside the minds of people. Like- Why does the water of this properly no longer dry up? .

IT is an historical archaeological and well web page in Patna, India. Circular in shape, the nicely within the top thirteen metres (forty three ft) is lined with brick and consists of wooden jewelry inside the ultimate 19 metres (sixty two ft).

The Agam Kuan is located in an archaeological website found by India’s Archeological Survey, which also incorporates the adjoining Shitala Devi temple, where the folk deity Shitala Devi is commemorated.

Within this temple, the pindas of the Saptamatrikas (the seven mom goddesses) are worshipped. The temple is fairly respected for its perception in healing hen pox and smallpox.

The archaeological site includes a temple in addition to many historic and mediaeval sculptures, further to the Agam Kuan. The temple of Shitala Devi adjoins the well and is dedicated to Shitala Devi.

It houses the pindas (the seven mom goddesses) of the Saptamatrikas. The temple is surprisingly honored for its belief inside the treatment of smallpox and chook pox, and it is also visited for want fulfilment by using devotees.

A Mauryan artwork-duration Yaksha statue stands protect out of doors the temple. Alexander Cunningham diagnosed it in advance whilst he visited the web site in 1879-eighty. This artefact isn’t always actually traceable.

Patna. In Durga Puja, the group of devotees of Bhagwati in the Shitala Mata temple has been amassing seeing that morning. There is an extended line of women for the worship of Maa Sheetla. During the Mauryan length, Emperor Ashoka killed 99 of his brothers before his ascension and got them installed a well inside the Shitala Mata temple complex.

 History is golden

Regarding the historicity and significance of the Sheetla Mata temple, Pankaj Pujari said that according to historians, there has been a properly and gift Navpindi here 2500 years in the past, which changed into installed in a small temple. The priest says that at one time during the digging of the well in Tulsi Mandi, the idol of the present Shitala ji changed into observed as status. The villagers of small and large hill and Tulsi Mandi, after considering, made the existence of the idol (Sheetla) at this vicinity.

Mata Sheetla is established in the temple

To the east of the principle gate is the temple of Sheetla Mata. To the east and south nook of the temple door is a status idol of Sheetla Mata. Yogini is seated within the proper trident of the idol of Sheetla Mata and in her right square form. To the left of the idol of Sheetla Mata is the small statue of Angar Mata. Inside the door are seven shitala, one Bhairava and one Gaurayya inside the form of the expanse which is situated simply beneath the dome.

Mauryan carpet nicely is in the east

Adjacent to this temple are the historic Agamakuans in the east. This properly referred to as Agamkuan is the fourth century Mauryan dynasty ruler Emperor Ashoka length. According to the historian, Emperor Ashoka had killed 99 of his brothers before his ascension and got them put on this properly. Keeping the safety in thoughts, it’s far encircled with high bricks.

 Sacrificial place

On the east and north corners of the temple is the sacrificial vicinity wherein the sacrifices are supplied. There is a Havan Kund to the south of the temple and to the south of this Havan Kund is a small temple of Vaishno Devi. To the north of the main temple is likewise a havan kund.

This is how the Shitla temple arrived

It is straightforward to reach the Shitala temple on the east aspect of Kankarbagh-Kumharar avenue under Gandhi Setu. The temple can be reached through strolling north from Zero Mile via National Highway No. 30. Devotees coming from Ashok Rajpath can reach the temple after mountain climbing the ROB from NMCH course and landing at Agamkuan.

 To come to the temple from Patna Sahib, the devotees reached the ROB via Tulsi Mandi via Sudarshan Path and descended towards Agamkuan and reached the Sheetla Temple.

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