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Tuticorin to Shirdi

Top 10 most-visited tourist spots in Shirdi town 

It is a small town in Maharashtra which sees millions of international tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. A world-famous saint cum fakir namely Saibaba lived in this town for several decades and preached religious tolerance, universal brotherhood, the importance of following ahimsa and non-violence, and truth. 

There is a common belief that one who enters the town of Shirdi will get liberation from sin and attain maximum peace. Shirdi Saibaba was born in the year 1838 at a place called Pathri and died in the land of Shirdi during 1918.

Interestingly, he spent most of his lifetime in the town of Shirdi and rescued his ardent devotees from illnesses, poverty, and frequent family ordeals. 

His presence is felt even now throughout the world since he is omnipresent everywhere. Shirdi Sai Charita is one of the most read holy books in the world and it is translated into plenty of local and international languages. You can purchase the Sai Charita book and entrance ticket from the temple counter and read it as and when time permits.

Pilgrims, groups, and individuals who are longing to visit  Saibaba mandir either alone or with their family members and offer soulful prayers to baba can book their flight tickets through M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism and alight at  International Airport which is in Kakadi village. It is just 15 km from Shirdi and you can hire share autos, call taxis and buses and reach Shirdi quickly. 

The tourist guide will pick you from the airport and drop you in one of the best luxury hotels in Sainagar where you can relax for a few hours before visiting the sai temple. Hundreds of visitors enter this holy temple every day and stroll inside the temple complex before stepping inside the sanctum sanctorum.

You can sit in front of baba’s samadhi and pray for a few minutes before exiting from the sanctum. You will feel relaxed the moment you unload your problems in the lotus feet of baba. You can even experience miracles inside the temple which you can share with your friends after reaching your home.

The tomb of Sai that speaks volume

Devotees of Sai have shared thousands of miracles on social media networking sites which are worth reading during free times. Baba considered Thursday as an auspicious day and requested his devotees to indulge in serious prayers.

It is believed that one who maintain austerity every Thursday will see lots of positive differences in life.

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There is a common belief that one who sits and prays in front of the tomb where baba lied to rest will get that mental solace. People from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed, and religion visit the holy shrine of baba and watch sai darshan inside the Sanctorum. 

Incidences of life-altering experiences in Shirdi

You can see devotees sitting inside the temple and reciting the verses ingrained in Sai Charita during holy months and Thursday. Pilgrims from eastern and western countries throng Shirdi during vacation and holidays and spend a few days in the town of Shirdi. 

There are canteens and mess promoted by Shirdi Temple Trust that charges reasonable rates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you can eat out with your family in one of these canteens. The authorities do not compromise on the quality of food and maintain the highest safety and security standards. 

Kandoba Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is a famous ancient temple in Shirdi that sees plenty of visitors daily. Mhalsapati who was a head priest of this temple when baba lived in Shirdi became an ardent devotee of Baba and he only fondly called saint of shirdi as Saibaba.

Mhalspati maintained a close relationship with baba for almost 40 years and lived a life filled with utmost sanctity. There was once an interesting incident that made others sit erect. Once baba told Mhalsapati that he will be leaving his body for three days and one he has to preserve it properly till his soul comes back to his body. 

As desired by Shirdi ka Sai, he took care of his body for three full-days unmindful of the consequences. Baba was so pleased with his obedience, discipline, and devotion and become so close to him. Mhalspapati’s wife once suffered from throat cancer and prayed baba to cure her diseases. 

Her relentless prayer did reap the fruit and on one fine day baba healed her completely. She felt happy and became an ardent devotee of baba from that point in time. You can also experience such miracles when you step inside the temple which glorifies itself as one of the richest temples in the world. 

Mhalspati through his relentless pursuit for spiritual excellence and enlightenment attained samadhi by peacefully uttering Rama Nama. His great-grandson lives in the house that was owned by him and you can visit Mhalspati’s house after having a darshan of Shirdi Sai. 

Devotees living in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and other parts of India book chennai to shirdi flight tickets through M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism and visit Shirdi. 

Nectar of love will start flowing in your kind heart and you will start experience plenty of miracles once you visit Shirdi. 

Most visited tourist spots in Shirdi

M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism that offer exemplary services in the tourism sector hold IATA, and other international travel and tourism certifications are the number one tour operator in India.

There are plenty of tourist places in shirdi which see a huge crowd during all seasons and some of the best tourist places are.

Sai baba Shirdi
Sai baba
  • Dwarakamai Temple 
  • Kandoba temple where mhalsapathi worked as head priest
  • Sai Heritage Site
  • Dixid Wada museum
  • Samadhi mandir
  • Shree Saiba chavadi
  • Malpani wet n joy museum 
  • Lendl Gardena
  • Gurusthan temple

Shirdi is a divine destination which will give you that much needed mental solace. Book one of the shirdi tour packages through M/s Rengha Holidays and enjoy your weeklong trip to Shirdi. 

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