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Shirdi Sai Baba's Sayings & Promises - Benefits of Prayer

Be wherever you are and do whatever you want. But keep this in mind. I know everything you do. I myself am seated at heart as the private ruler of all. The eye of this world is movable – immobile creatures

I am comforted. I am the one who controls and shakes the appearance of this universe. I am the original mother of all classes. The co-operation of the faces is myself.

I myself am the motivator, the creator, the preserver, the destroyer of all emotions. He who distracts me, nothing causes misery. But the illusion will shake the one who forgot me. All insects, ants, visible, immovable, immovable world are all my body or figure.

Believe in my words and my bones will give you rest from the tomb even after I have swum this body. I am not alone, my samadhi will speak to you. It will swing with him who surrenders to my tomb.

Never worry that I will go without. You will hear my bones talk about things you care about even if you think of me with a faithful heart. Worship me who does not consider selfishness. There are all sorts of benefits.

Whoever utters the name of Baba with love, his desires are fulfilled. Baba’s life and deeds are sung with enthusiasm. Baba will be immersed in all directions. He will be infinitely blissful and contented if he plays his rhythms with complete surrender and faithful worship to Baba.

 All diseases will go away if Baba’s stories are heard.

If the stories are heard and understood, the pride and arrogance of the servants will spread. When the mind is at peace and the heart is full of devotion, the mind becomes one with supreme emotion.

Shirdi Sai … Shirdi sai … simply saying,

The sins of speaking and listening will be exhausted.

The third chapter of the Satcharitram contains the delicious amuta languages ​​of Baba. Read them carefully and apply them in your life.

Beneficial Namaskara Types

Ekanga Namaskar – Salute is not beating, only bowing the head.

Triyanka Namaskar – Worship with two hands on the head Panchanga Namaskar – Worship with two hands, two knees and a hip.

Ashtanga Namaskar – Worship of the head, two arms, two ears, two knees and the chest.

Ashtanga Namaskar should be performed by men and Panchanga Namaskar by women.

Praying to Baba is of immediate benefit to those who believe that of course we have received it.

Pray sincerely. Sri Sai Varadarajan will insist during every joint prayer that this too should be done with utmost confidence and patience while praying to our Supreme Satguru Sai.

Learn a little about the prayer method he describes. ‘Knock, and it shall be opened unto you; This is only available if you ask for a reassurance. We need to open our mouths and listen. The prayers we make also depend on that. Prayer is a practical way of communicating between us, that is, our soul, and the Supreme Being, who is invisible to us, the transcendent God who created and sustains us.

There are two levels to prayer. One is the spiritual state, the second is the secular state. The spiritual state takes us closer to God for His mercy. Worldly position helps us to face the strongest struggles in life with mental strength

There is no way that prayer should be done in this place, at this time, in this way. It can be prayed anywhere, anytime, at any time, day or night

But it is better to go and pray where the mind is not disturbed by the disturbances of others, where the mind can rest for a long time while sitting, where the mind rests when it sits, where the burden of the mind descends automatically when it sits.

Prayer is not something that is done only when we are in trouble. Prayer should change our uniqueness. Prayer should take center stage in the course of life.

Good thinking, good deeds, helping others is also a form of prayer. No special language is required for prayer. This is how our Guru insists when we think of Baba as a mother, a father, a teacher, a Satguru and a guide. There are two types of worldly prayer, one is praying for us. Next for others

All we have to do is pray for ourselves first. At the beginning of the prayer we should take our mistakes and inability to the Lord and pray that those mistakes will not continue. The Lord is merciful when confessing mistakes. When we admit our mistakes, our mind is cleansed.

After this we should ask Him to give us what we need. The next step is to pray for others, with full confidence that the Lord has accepted the prayer. To intercede with the Lord. All the saints and saints pray for the world.

They come down and pray for the good of the people of the world. When the generosity of praying for others comes to us, the Lord and the Guru himself will come to us. It benefits us when we need the Lord for the benefit of those who do not want us. Except it is an inferior prayer. Very high power

What can you give to the Lord? Therefore,

Except that I have to reach out to him as the Lord has given me,

Do not say that I will give.

When the spiritual level prayer is to be done, when our needs are exhausted and the mind is light, Lord, the mind is mellow. You need to start by praying that this mind will turn to you and make you walk the path of your choice.

We must always dedicate our thoughts, emotions, and desires to the Lord in prayer. It is important to worship the name of God before praying. When worship is thus performed, the scattered thought will come together and the mind will begin to unite. Hope is born.

During that time, they brought the feeling of divinity into the scattered mind by beating the Udukkai and the pump and singing at the top.

There is no need for that now. It is enough if the mind is pronouncing the divine name. Whenever I pray privately I need to think deeply about God and who I am. In doing so, you can feel the change in the nature of the Lord that pervades both inside and out

It is good to pray for small things, but do not be deceived by them. The reason is that the Lord will immediately fulfill the short-term requests and postpone the greatest ones. So be careful. We need to pray for things that can change lives

Prayers offered with complete faith have immediate benefits and this is what our Perungalathur Prayer Center does every week. This is evidenced by the miracles that the benefactors come and tell week after week. The main reason why Perungalathur, despite being a small place, has become a world-famous place of worship is because it teaches Sai devotees such attitudes.

Prayer will surely change you. Be faithful to the Lord and come from darkness to light. Pray to always think of the good and do the good, to change the unworthy qualities, to grow in love from the soul pure, to be grateful, to adapt to all and to extend a helping hand to others.

When you pray like this the change will infiltrate your mind, all the needs The Lord will fulfill. It is because of praying in these ways that Sri Sai Varadarajan is revered by the people as Shirdi Sai Baba’s approaching volunteer.

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