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Shirdi Sai Baba's Sayings on Needs, Prayer & Saptakam

Ask Your Needs

Om Shirdi Sai Ram!

With the unbearable hardship, anxiety, and thoughts of how to recover from being overwhelmed by so many problems, we stumble whenever we feel lonely and have no one to support us. In this case, the affirmative language of Sai Baba must be stated. My dad is bigger than this problem. I have to say that nothing will do me any good when he is with me.

Difficulty, problem! Debt! You have just come and joined me in this life, but our fellow Guru has been following me to protect me for generations. He is the one who has known me since the beginning .. the one who redeemed me … what can you do when he is with me? That is to say.

Baba Think of your promise for a moment when I am suffering from my karmic reaction. You said that if you put your burden on me I would really bear it! Accept this burden that seems unbearable to me and ask me to release you.

When the family is suffering, you said that your devotee will have needs in the house! If it is only for food and break, then ask me to remove all the problems that are hindering us from enjoying it in peace.

Baba who says that I am not three full body … ubiquitous, let me completely eliminate the problems that have occurred within these three whole bodies of mine. Say you are bigger than these.

Looking at the problems that come to attack you every day like this, my Sai is bigger than these. Try to forget the problem to say he will save me (a) Leave it at that. Sai will really save

When we feel like we are alone, we close our eyes a little and are surrounded by many guardian angels like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Indra, Sun, Vayu Agni Kuberan, Isanan, Kula Deva, Ishta Deva, Pitru Deva, Satguru, Guru Lord sent by various guardian deities. Notice that they have. Understand how stupid it is to be afraid to think we are alone when all of these people are with us. We have to go beyond this test which helps us in case of any problem … beyond them think about whether they will harm us and you will understand the real situation

Difficulties and problems are what come to spend karma. Realize that when we deal with them our Satguru and others who are commissioned by him unknowingly help us. You will realize that your problems are going to powder.

So, you who think you are suffering are not really suffering … Your Satguru is at your disposal to remedy it. He carries it on his shoulder and puts you in the shadow of hardship. Understand that whatever the problem is, only its shadows fall on you. Thus the grace of Lord Baba is fully available when everything is understood and done.

Why prayer become useless

Sai Baba is not a hidden object, to cover the lid. He is like an open book. Those who know how to read him

They benefit from him. Those who do not understand him do not benefit. Baba is a three-foot body, not idols up to the feet there. He who realizes that he is a living, living browse receives benefit from him

With a restless mind, wandering here and there, bowing like someone applying for a job, there is no benefit. Sai certainly carries the burdens of the one who puts the burden on him that everything is your deed and puts only the first job of praising him. Do we put the box down in the oven and focus our gaze on the box even though it has gone to the side, so is this happening? Won’t it happen? Will it happen? Nothing will happen to those who see the problems as so many thoughts have done.

He who lacks solid faith and firm thinking is like a white cloud that does not carry water and will be blown here and there by the wind of desire. One who has a steady mind, like a cloud of water. He will receive the grace of the Lord.

Om Shirdi Sai Ram!!

Saptakam is essential

The canon of reciting the scriptures for seven days, called the Saptakam, has long been followed in the North. Our prayer is to get up and bathe daily as an eternal norm, to stand in front of the Lord with a cold mind and to sit in front of Him and read His scriptures.

Satya Narayana fasting observes that the traditional experience is that those who worship the Guru follow this method and receive the Guru.

This is explained in the 53rd chapter of Satcharitra.

Earn blessings by reading the Saptakam, Sai will fulfill your most cherished wish. Fear of birth will disappear.

Start the sabbath on a Thursday. After bathing in the morning finish the eternal karmanushtanas and sit down for recitation.

Construct a hall that is elegant and spacious. Decorate it with banana saplings, tie flower leaves, flowers and silk fabrics.

Place a high seat inside the hall and place different colored spheres around the hall. Admire one of the statues or beautiful photographs of Satguru with the feeling of love established on the high seat.

 Wrap the Sri Sai Satcharitram book around the Chinese flag and place it in front of the Satguru. Begin the recitation after performing the Panchopasara Puja for the film and the book and observe fasting for the next eight days. Eat only milk, fruit and fried grains. Or eat only once a day, day or night.

Sit facing east and bring the image of Satguru to mind. Read the satire with a mind full of peace and joy. Divide the chapters into eight, seven, eight, six, eight, and seven and recite for seven consecutive days. Leave the contents for the eighth day.

On the eighth day, recite the Sapta and address the Saab Narayan and dine with the Brahmins for relatives and friends.

Call the Vedic Brahmins to chant the Vedas at night to guide the Brahmins according to their power. Satisfy them by giving them milk and reward mixed with sugar

Finally worship at the feet of Satguru and dedicate the auspicious Datsana. This money should be sent to the treasurer of the kingdom of Siradi. In doing so, Lord Sai will be pleased and will give alms to the devotees. It is written that he will destroy the serpent of innate fear and guide it to Moksha

The Saptakam was created for the devotees to count and worship the Lord diligently. As far as I am concerned it is better to simply sit in front of the Baba film and do this fast without having to bother so much. Similarly, giving petitions to the poor and donating to the poor and relieving their hardships without sending the dowry to Siradi will be of great benefit. The last thing writting is the technique of developing serotonin. Now Shirdi has grown so that benefit can only be obtained by helping other living beings.

Om Shirdi Sai Ram!!!

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