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Shirdi Sai Baba's Philosophy on Dharma, Brag & Trust

True Dharma

There is a meaning of “Sadhaka” for doing charity. “Sadhaka” means giving money or goods to others with Dharma thinking.

What if we have no money or material possessions? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) replied: If you are unable to do so, you should help someone in need who is struggling. What if it still can’t help? Let one do good or good deed to others. If he can’t do that too, let him protect himself from harming others.

Charity is not only about helping others, but also about not hurting others.

Om Shirdi Sai Ram

Do not brag

Before we got used to saying the name Sai we would have been braggarts. Now that quality must be let go. Once Dharma spoke disparagingly about Arjuna’s Bow called Kandeepam. Arjuna dared to kill him without even looking at his brother. Then, realizing his mistake, he dared to kill his brother, who was equal to his father and tried to commit suicide, thinking that I had lost the right to live.

I say the equivalent of committing suicide.

To do so would be tantamount to suicide. ”

When Arjuna asked what such a ploy was, he said, “You brag about yourself. Did you see? Bragging is tantamount to suicide.”

We adore his paper by him. We receive the Lordship through the Guru. None of us. So, whatever comes and goes, one must think that it is His

They will tell you to look at your hands when you wake up in the morning. Lakshmi at the tip of the hand, in the middle

Saraswati and Vishnu are at the base. This means that it is equal to worshiping them. What I mean is, even if wealth, education, fame and glory go together, they will all go to waste like this emptiness. Today on something that can go like that

Not to be outdone, many will proudly say that I have traveled as far as Malaysia and Singapore. Bipudi to ten lakh people

I’m covered. I have done three lakh homas. They will say like this. What’s the point of doing that? They are all overwhelmed by pride! But Nano, Lord by your grace something good has happened to someone today. Thanks. I will leave it to the Lord as to how this condition is possible for him without you.

To the Lord, one must attain complete surrender and believe that all is His. We do not feel proud when we think that he is responsible for everything, good or bad. Once upon a time there was a man who grazed his garden

Brahmahadhi Tosham came to catch him after he had stoned a cow to death. Do not catch me for not committing a sin. Catch the Indra who is responsible for this sin.

When Tosham came to catch Indra, he surrendered to Narayanan. Narayanan came to the garden where the cow had died in the form of a doctor.

He praised the beauty of the garden and the vines in it. The man who was there at the time said, “I created all this.”

The Lord asked who did this and I did it all .. He kept on showing himself and his hand proudly that these hands did it.

Who did this when he finally came to the place where the cow lay dead? He asked. He was stunned. He went on to say, “You are the one who did it all, so let the evil catch you.”

Lord of all! When we hand over that

We will not cause evil to do good.

When Vyasa Basavan once had to cross the river, he was starving. There was no food. He saw some of the forest dwellers there and begged for food. They said it was just pork. Vyasar ate it and became hungry. Then he came to the river bank and wanted to cross the river.

“Father, I have not eaten anything. My Narayanan has eaten,” Vyasar went on. This is the difference between ‘boasting’ and ‘surrendering’. We must give up the habit of bragging that gets us into trouble. Only if we do all this will our Sai Nama prayer give us victory. The believer was abandoned.

Om Shirdi Sai Ram

The believer won’t be abandoned

The reward for true devotion is sure. Shirdi Sai Nathan will always give a hand to those who have sincere faith Anatha Ratsakan, Dangerous, Karuna Murthy. A take on Sai Baba’s ubiquitous mass show, I want to share my fear sacred experience with boundless joy.

I had gone to Mumbai on Thursday, June 7, 2013 for office work. After lunch I left in a car with the serious intention of going to Siradi to attend night shift as work was over. After going as far as Nashik, a bridge was broken by heavy rain and the entire traffic was cut off. The car driver who picked me up at seven that night took me to a tea shop and made me drink water.

It is raining outside. But mind you I’m in a trance. I was longing to see how the night would turn out. Then the driver asked the shopkeeper for another alternative and said he would take me somehow. Departing from there we reached Nashik Kudrot at nine o’clock at night with the cooperation of the driver. I arrived in Siradi at nine-thirty. As soon as I got out of the car I forgot everything with boundless joy and ran and joined the mansion.

Aarti start time. I went to the office for special permission. It was locked. Then to the security there, I said if there is an NRI way please help. He stretched out his hand and pushed me away as there was nothing he could do because it was too late.

Well somehow we came to Siradi Mandir. I decided to pray from the outside if he was not responsible anymore then another security looked at me and said wait a minute. He is a different one.

He showed me to the family and talked about something. They looked at me too. I do not understand anything.Exactly at Aarti, security called me and sent me through the VIP gate with the family. Unaware of anything, I asked the person if he wanted to pay anything. He told me not to do all that and that they had a pass for seven people and that two of them did not come and asked the security to take me away.

I cried thinking of Baba’s loving kindness. Baba, who made Malata flexible by saying words, brought her along during Aarti. I considered this a great privilege.

I am forever indebted to Baba who honored me and my prayers and gave me his vision. Sai Baba is forever merciful to his true devotee. Do not give up when any tribulation comes. I want everyone like me to soak in the rain of His grace and rejoice.

Om Shirdi Sai Ram

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