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Shirdi Sai Baba’s 3 World & Truths of Life

The Three Worlds that Baba showed

There are many wonderful leelas that Shirdi Satcharitram has not recorded. Let’s look at them as well.

Sama is proud to say that he is a primary devotee of Baba. If Arjuna is to Krishna, then Sama to Baba will have a childish and rightful relationship with Baba. When he said, “There is,” he said, Why don’t I get it yet? “Said Sama.

“They are the most affluent places we can’t even see,” Baba said.

Om Shirdi!  Om Sai Ram!!

As I should have seen it anyway

Sama nodded. Baba immediately told Sama to close her eyes. When Sama closed her eyes, she regained her senses.

His lined the sides of it

Thrones, among them the gods and rishis

Many were seated. Uncle, open your eyes. “Baba said. When you open your eyes, close them again.”

Now Sama visited Vaikuntha and Narayanan Lakshmi Devi in ​​it. He saw many miracles here. Next, when Baba told him to open and close his eyes, Sama opened and closed his eyes. This time he visited the workshop. When he enjoyed all this, Sama got scared. He opened his eyes in horror. Baba tapped him and said, ‘Sama we don’t want all this. Our methods are unusual. ‘

Baba is with you

Baba said. Nano you know what you are doing, I am thinking of you day and night.

When a sage sees a true devotee, he is moved by compassion and finds an excuse for something and easily preaches to him. The Lord and the Guru are in the personality of the devotee. They accept all the embarrassments of the devotee with their heads in mind.

Chintamani will give us what we ask for. Arrogance will give us what we think in our minds. Comedian we

Producing aspiration but guru

Tao will bless us with things we never thought possible.

The sage Baba, who is aware of the problems that continue from the past, meditates day and night on us devotees as Guru and Bhagavan. What are we doing?

The only thing that keeps urging you over and over again is that difficulty is not a condition that finds you trapped. It’s something that everyone born into the world has experienced in so many contexts now has arrived.

Those who knew how to escape, changed their destiny by the grace of the Lord and rose in life. Those who lost their self-confidence due to fear and change were defeated. The snake of fate has completely eaten them Are you going to rise in life? Are you going to get stuck? This is the level you are experiencing now to determine.

Baba’s advice

The history of Sai Baba is like an ocean that stretches far and deep. Everyone can immerse themselves in it and take the pearls of priceless wisdom and devotion and give them to people who are steeped in goodwill. Sai Baba’s advice is so wonderful. They bring peace of mind and happiness to those who are suffering from the burdens of worldly life and to those who are suffering from anxiety. If all these advices of Sai Baba, who are zealous and enlightened according to the Vedic knowledge, are listened to and well thought out, then unity with the Brahma demanded by the devotees is Atanga Yoga, Meditation Bliss. Etc. will receive.

Those who reach God

How can those who are immersed in samsara, who have no purity of heart, and who do not believe in shastras and sadhus, reach God? They are walking towards hell.

The specialty of wisdom

Our zeal will overcome the surgical enemies of lust, enmity, greed, lust, religion and masculinity. To win. If so, desire will not appear in the mind. You are a slave as long as there are enemies. Suppressing them and gaining wisdom will dispel the darkness of delusion. After that the joys and sorrows will never affect you.

Achieve the status of God

He who hates the state of being bound by the samsara of worldly life, cultivates wisdom and deep devotion, and through prayer and meditation attains the state of God by stabilizing the mind, a pavan and associating with the sadhus.

The use of wealth

If the fruit ripens too much on a plant or a tree, it will bend so that others can pick it up. Likewise if you have a lot of wealth you should definitely donate to those who do not have everything that belongs to God

Be happy watching the events of this world. But never forget God. Always show mercy to the poor and needy with the idea that this worldly life is not mine but God’s.

Make up your mind!

Do worldly duties with the body. Give your mind to God.

God will save

God is merciful. He will never allow the good to be harmed

Excellent quality

Feed the hungry first and then you eat. That is the best virtue.

Let the world be happy

We will be happy to love and serve each other. Then the world will be happy too.

Devotion alone is enough

I do not need to do eight or sixteen kinds of compliments I will definitely be in a place of pure perfect devotion

Eliminate arrogance

Even the teachings of the Guru are useless to the arrogant. So get rid of arrogance first.

God is great

God dwells in all living things. He is also the greatest puppet maker in the world.

Time to please God

Sri Hari is happy if you give your backyard for others to sit on.

Sadhu’s grammar

The real sadhu is the one who is at a high level and does not see the ups and downs even in the shop level creatures like worms from the beginning. He always sees pleasure, misery, friend, enemy, bogey and disease in the same mindset.


Enthusiasm is not to think of these worldly riches or the riches of the hereafter, or any other great object.

Do not be greedy

Where there is greed, there is no God. Get rid of greed.

Motsam is

The real ambition of man is Motsam and everything else is useless. Motsam is not heaven. Not other worlds. It is subtle. It is the center of production of the invisible universe. That is pure consciousness and immortality.

To get everything

The best devotee is the one who accepts what happens in life and puts true faith in the Lord. If one has faith and patience, one will get everything in life.

The benefit of meditation

Through meditation we can know the soul. By meditating incessantly our desires are eliminated and thoughts become pure.

Teacher-Student (Guru – Seedan) relationship

The mother tortoise on one bank of the river does not feed its young on the other bank. But the mother tortoise’s vision provides everything the cubs need to grow. The relationship between the Guru and the disciple is similar.

Truly blessed

One cannot progress spiritually if one has mastered the Sastras or understands the achievements of physical suffering. The Guru who directs all things. The one who realizes the glory of the Guru and knows that he is Hari, Haran, Brahma is the real Blessed One.

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