Sai Baba a young man who was full of modesty. People had seen him wearing white shirt, a waist cloth with no shoes and twisted white cloth over his head throughout his life. Baba followed both Islam and Hindu religion. He was born in a Brahmin family and brought up by a fakir. Baba learnt the importance of Islamic from him for five years. Baba meditates under a neem tree where he says guru fakir lives here for years and wander into shirdi forest.

Lets experience the phenomenon that took place in shirdi:

Once patel of Dhoopkhede village in Aurangabad named chand bhai, was travelling in search of his lost horse. When passing by a Fakir sitting under a tree asked him about the saddle and he replied that it was his lost horse. Fakir asked him to search at the place nearby. To his shock he found his horse the same place where he was told by the Fakir. He returned to the fakir and requested to come along with him to his place. Relatives of chand family travelled for a marriage to shirdi along with fakir. Near Khandoba temple Mhalsapati saw the young fakir and called him as “ YA SAI” (“come sai”).  From that day on he was addressed as “sai baba” by all.

SAI means “GOD” and BABA means “FATHER

                 Dwarkamai the name of the place were Sai live . Sai use to light earthen lamps every night by collecting oil from the grocers. As days pass people refuse to lend him oil for no reason. Sai returned quietly to Dwarkamai and filled the lamps with water. People were amazed by seeing the lamp burning throughout the night. Shirdi started to speak about his miracle.

                   Anything that happened in shirdi had hoped to find its solution from Sai. Suddenly there was an epidemic of cholera in shirdi, people rushed to Sai  for aid. Sai washed his hands and face took some wheat and started grinding them in a hand mill. Decline of the cholera epidemic initiated when the flour grind was spread along the borders of the village. Sai grind and crush not only the epidemic but also the sins and miseries of the believer.

The Man of Prophecy:

As Sai’s prophecy came true people were excited about his sayings. His prophecies were not only about people it includes animals, birds, plants and nature. For instance one day a devotee sat in front of Sai, he heard lizard click. The devotee asked Sai whether the click sound is a good sign or a bad one. Baba replied that the lizard is joyful as her sister from Aurangabad is coming to visit her. The devotee confused by the word of sai. Instantly there arrived a man riding in his horse back from Aurangabad, the horse refused to move further as it was hungry. So the man took his backpack to feed the horse with grain. Suddenly a lizard came out from the bag and climbed the wall nearby. Sai asked the devotee to observe, both the lizards started dancing in happiness. Baba’s prophecy stunned the devotee. The word spread about Sai all around the villages surrounding Shirdi, people with trouble marched towards Sai looking forth to clarification of there behaviour.

Holy Fire:

Sai cured diseases by giving the ashes from fire that burns uninterrupted. Those who suffered from fatal cases heard about Sai and approached him. Misery of many people and their family were wiped away with the grace of Sai.

Shree Samadhi Mandhir / Shirdi Sai Baba Temple:

                   Sai told his devotees that he is going to leave his body soon. Day by day he was becoming weak; however he did his daily chores like giving udi, collecting food and offers it to birds and animals. Even at his last breath Sai served to his people.  On October 15 in the year 1918 sai asked all his devotees to leave for their meal but Bayyaji and Lakshmi Bai Shinde refuse to leave. Later noon Baba told Bayyaji that he was leaving his physical body, so asked to keep his body in Butty Wada. Sai’s power was split into four parts and went to Gurusthan, Chavadi, Dwarakamai, Butty Wada respectively.

Sai urge his devotees to leave ego, jealousy, desires to find truths, finding faults in others but to make peaceful nature and continue tireless services.

Mystery behind the Sai Idol:

            Devotees were use to worship picture of Sai and got blessings, later the authorities thought to replace with an idol of Sai.

  • Three best sculptors were asked to make an idol using clay by referring one available black and white photo. The best clay idol made sculptor will get the opportunity to make a rock idol. Baba’s devotees who have seen him were asked to examine the clay idol. The sculptor who made the idol look alike told that Sai came in his dream the previous night.
  • (The clay idol is still kept back in the art studio run by the sculptor talim family who made it in the first place)
  • The next process is to find the most excellent stone to make the idol. At that time a devotee working in port trust came to know about a marble stone which is stuck in the port for nearly one and a half years. They were unable to find the buyer or any information regarding how it ended unnoticed.
  • The Marble was a finest quality brought from Italy. The sculptor was suggested to make the idol using this marble. Talim, his son and few more coworkers were working continuously on the idol alone for four months. One of Talim coworker noticed a big crack near Baba’s feet, they were afraid that if they work on the crack it may break the leg even collapse the whole idol.
  • They all together prayed and Sai himself gave them courage to start the process of correcting the crack. With faith on Sai they made progression on the idol without any damage they finished the statue.

Finally the idol of SAI BABA was established on 7th oct 1954 at shirdi Samadhi temple. Every day the idol is bathed with hot water and changes the clothes four times a day. Three meals are offered as naivaidiyum. Daily night they sing song to make him sleep and wake him up at 4 am with a glass of water.

People all over the world constantly come to the temple the whole year to get the blessing of Sai and join in the pleasure of serving god.

By serving mankind, you are doing a favor but yourself, as you are working on your karma and evolution too

                              Sai Baba