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Benefit of Donation – Om Shirdi! Om Sai Ram!!

If you donate, you will get immense wealth. Those who have a water tank will not regret thirst. Those who donate silver will get a good image. For those who donate ghee lamps the eye light will never fade. Donate material and do not beg others. If you donate sesame you will get good sons. Heaven is available if the cow is donated. If you donate paddy you will get all the resources in the world. Government can rule the world if it protects asylum seekers

Want to donate happily. Only then will the benefit of the donation be available. Do not praise or tell others about the donation you have made. When donating, stand facing east. The donor must stand facing north and receive the donation. Donation items should be good. Do not donate for the sake of others. The recipient should not complain about the nature of the donated item

Let the lips pronounce – Om Shirdi ! Om Sai Ram!

Sai Maharaj! I have read a variety of texts. I have also memorized the supreme sub-verses of the Vedas. I have heard others tell nutritious scriptures and myths. Yet my mind is nostalgic.

Everything I read seems to be in vain. I think a literate devotee is better than me. It was in vain that I reviewed the scriptures that taught me so many texts. All the book heavens that do not pacify the mind are in vain. What is the use of doing japam if the peace of mind of praying is not born.

I heard that Sai Darshan removes worries and gives peace, and that all this is done in hilarious jokes, and that Sai is easily guided by the devotees.

So, Tawakkal Sai Maharaj! I have come with humility seeking your feet. Bless me to attain lasting peace without disturbing my mind (Sat Adva) Maharaj! By the power of your grace we cut off the nets that are pinned by the deeds we have done and the deeds we have failed to do. Relieve the weak and the weak from sorrow and pain.

Immaculate Sai Roy! Destroy harmful arguments and controversies with your mercy. May the tongue find sweetness in pronouncing your name and in our prayers.

Wife, people, friends meeting none of these people will get any benefit in the end times. Water is the only companion that comes last too. Only you can give happiness and salvation.

May God bless me in my heart so that my worries and vices will vanish from my mind and I will forget all about my body, relatives and property.

May the remembrance of your name be in my mind at all times so that all other things may be forgotten, and may my mind lose its tide and strength and concentrate calmly.

 The ignorant night will disappear if we find a place in your shadow. We want nothing more than to live comfortably in your bright light.

Rama also incarnated. We are afraid to see the source. In it incarnated the great yogi and devotee Hanuman. My argument is that if you are a Sai devotee, this is an unnecessary thing.

Remember the ancestor born in each star. Their characteristics will match those born under this star

In practice, children born under the original star are more likely to be as diligent, patient, and affectionate as their mother.

People born in Parani can be found to be active and subdue anything.

People born in Rohini are known to be as majestic as Lord Krishna and to rise and walk without worrying about defeat.

People born in Swati are known to be quick to get anything.

People born in Visakhapatnam know that they are self-employed planners. The one born in Satya will be the achiever.

Revathi is the last star so they have a lot of devotion. At the same time you can feel that everything is coming late.

Why waste your life looking at it in ways that spoil life without taking away the good like this? Do not waste the life that Baba gives.

Similarly, they think that the salary is low and do not get married in due time and eventually come looking for God.

When I finished my degree and joined the job, I was paid only a thousand rupees. Ten days is not enough. But, working day and night, came the high. I helped many from behind the heights. It would have been possible if he had thought like this.

Do your duty, Lord. ‘ You are born to cure karma. That means you were born to work. By the time the two wives come home from work or the husband is set, everything will change automatically.

Recently a friend of mine said, “Those who have surrendered to God like you, the ignorant and the skeptical do not need astrology and horoscopes, but people who have made this a part of their daily life for a long time will not avoid it at all. They will be wandering around looking for a lot of remedies. There will be no completion in it.

Any remedy done without faith in anything will not work. Take me I am famous even abroad in arithmetic, Reiki, astrology and astronomy. I know the arts that apply to a person’s whole life by their date of birth, time and place of birth. I can predict everything with their fingerprints for those who do not know them.

People who come to me get rid of debt and live well. Marriage ban lifted. You can say anything like this. But the number of visitors is very low … I think it is in the interest of the people to keep so many arts. You do such remedies with Baba’s mere whimsy.

Whatever the problem, we have a solution and have expanded the store. Let him take.

Purity of Mind Blossoms

Baba will accept with admiration any small object given with love and devotion. But he would refuse to accept it if it was presented with pride and arrogance, and that Baba would not aspire to mere external rituals as he had attained the fullness of sattva-siddhu-anam (saccitanandam), and that if it was submitted with humility and obedience he would not accept it with pleasure and enthusiasm and pleasure. Says.

These two chapters shed light on how our character interests should be, how we should not try to act, and describe how to suppress the mind and other emotions.

Body chariot. The soul is the master. The mind is the reins of the chariot mind, the senses are the horses, the senses are their paths. Subject to.

But whoever has the capacity for attachment, whose emotions are controlled, whose emotions are under control he reaches the point where he joins to perform the action of the good horse of the driver. That is, he receives self-realization. He is never born again. One who is as perceptive as his guide and who can control his mind by the reins of the journey reaches the abode of the omnipresent God everywhere in the destination of the journey.

The mind cannot be purified unless one does his duties satisfactorily and unselfishly. If the mind is not purified he will not be able to attain self-realization. That is why one must have a pure mind

God gives us the help of the Guru without making any self-effort to attain soul wisdom. It is through the Guru that we attain the grace of God. So let us unite the mind and travel in the path of the Guru and try to attain the grace of God and succeed.

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