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Shirdi sai Baba
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To 10 famous tourist spots in Shirdi district

Sainagar is a divine tourist destination which is located in the district of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Shirdi Sai, a Sufi saint lead an ascetic life in this town for several decades. He was born as a Hindu brahmin and later he was brought up by a fakir where he learned many things about the Islamic religion. There are lots of contradictory opinions about his date of birth and origins.

Sources confirm that Baba’s original name is Haribhau Bhusari and later his name was rechristened as Saibaba. Credit for this goes to his staunch disciple namely Chalapathi who was with Saibaba till his death. Baba used to sit under a neem tree and meditate for hours when he lived in this town and this wonderful tree is still preserved in Dwarakamayi. 

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

Saibaba lived an austere life and stayed most of the time in a dilapidated mosque. He has done a countless number of miracles during his lifetime and the most notable ones which are listed in Sai satcharitra is snake nestling under Baba’s feet and raising its head without harming him when he was walking in the jungle, Baba lighting hundreds of temple lamps with water during Diwali, baba leaving behind his mortal body for few days and coming back alive. 

You can purchase saidarshan tickets along with the latest edition of Sai Satcharitra from the temple counter. It is imperative to note that the Shirdi Sai temple generates millions of dollars in a year and temple authorities use this money for various charitable and community works. 

Shirdi is a world-famous temple town

If you are planning to stay in the temple town of Shirdi for few days and visit various ancient temples along with your family members, then you should book one of the shirdi tour packages from chennai offered by M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism which is located at the heart of Theni city. 

Your restless heart will get that solace and peace when you step inside the holy temple of Saibaba. Listed below are the promises that were made by Saibaba when he was alive. 

No harm will befall him who sets his foot on the soil of Shirdi

There shall be no want in the house of my devotees

If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.

If you want to experience that divine intervention in your life all that you have to do is to book one of the tour packages to shirdi from chennai offered by M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism and visit the holy place of Shirdi immediately. 

You will forget all your worries and get a permanent solution to all of your problems when you stay in the town of Shirdi for a few days or weeks. There are plenty of tourist spots in Shirdi town and some of the best tourist places in shirdi are listed below.

Sai Wada Museum 

When baba lived in Shirdi he smoked a pipe, used plenty of utensils, grinding machines, and gramophone records. You can find all these items that were used by Shirdi Saibaba when you visit this museum which is located near the temple premises. You can also see original photos

of Saibaba sitting with his devotees. The authorities maintain this museum neatly throughout the year. There are no entrance fees for this museum and it is free. 

Dwarakamai Mosque

Baba lived inside this dilapidated mosque for years and conducted prayers, religious lectures, and sang varieties of songs glorifying Hindu gods. Plenty of devotees assemble here and take part in the eye-opening lectures conducted by Saibaba. You will attain a higher level of consciousness when you sit inside this mosque and meditate for a few minutes. 

Khandoba Mandir

International tourists from various countries throng during weekdays and weekends and pray inside this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva before leaving for other places. Saibaba’s close aide, confidant, and staunch devotee namely Mhalsapathi worked as Head priest in this temple. Baba used to visit this temple quite often when he lived in Shirdi and interact with Mhalsapathi. 

Saibaba’s asked his prominent devotee namely Shri Upasana Maharaj to stay in this temple for a few years. Your wishes will be granted when you visit and pray inside this wonderful temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 


Shree Chavadi is one of the most visited tourist places in Shirdi which sees maximum crowd during vacation and holiday seasons. When Saibaba lived in Shirdi, he used to come to this place regularly and meet plenty of devotees. The rooms are well-maintained and staying here for a few minutes or hours will be a delightful experience. 

Heritage Village

If you are visiting heritage village  for the first time, then you should approach M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism and utilize the services of local tourist guides. You can find skillfully sculpted idols of Shirdi Saibaba, folklore dances, street meetings, festivals, and celebrations that regularly happened in the village of Shirdi when Baba lived. 

You will like this tourist spot and come out of it with the best mindset. You can eat varieties of foods supplied by street food stalls and vendors and enjoy your outing thoroughly.

Shirdi sai samadhi mandir

A tomb was constructed on the mortal remains of Shirdi Saibaba which is popularly called Shirdi Sai Samadhi Mandir. Muslims, Hindus, and people from other religions gather here and meditate in front of the samadhi for hours. You will find that mental solace when you sit and pray in front of the samadhi. 

Gurusthan Temple

Shri Saibaba Gurusthan temple is located in Mauli Nagar which sees plenty of spiritual activities in a day. The temple opens early in the morning and closes late at night. Varieties of arathis are performed every day inside the sanctum sanctorum and broadcasted live on various channels. Having saidarshan for few minutes inside the sanctum sanctorum will be an exhilarating experience. 

Prasadalaya mandir

You can eat varieties of foods distributed by the temple authorities and fill your stomach. All types of foods served here are hygienically prepared by senior temple cooks. Authorities also serve delicious sweets during festival seasons and important occasions. 

Shirdi water park 

You can play in this theme park and spend your time happily with your family members. Kids and adults can take bath and play varieties of water sports before exiting from the park. 

Sai Teerth Park

This is India’s first devotional park where you can watch 5D shows and videos on the life history of Shirdi Saibaba. 

M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism offers the cheapest prices for all types of shirdi tours and encourages pilgrims, tourists, and individuals in a variety of ways. You can also hire cabs from this company and tour all the ancient temples situated within and outside the town of Shirdi.

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