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Sasaram,Tara chandi Temple

On the walls of this cave, writing in the Pali language dates back to before 1111 AD. All its branches and roots around a barny tree are taken care of during construction, and people believe that if someone harms that tree, he will experience its effects. To the west of the sanctum is a stone statue of Vishnu, Hanuman and to the south is a Havan Kunda.
There is a large veranda attached to the sanctum sanctorum where the idols of Surya Devta and Bhairav ​​Baba are installed, while a black stone statue of Lord Shiva and a Shiva lingam adjoining this veranda stand. White in color, the 70-foot-tall temple is beautifully constructed and its three floors are fully utilized for various temple activities.
Above the dome is a golden kalash. To the south of the temple, devotees are given a separate place to offer coconut milk. The cave on the second floor is believed to be the cave of Parasuramar who meditated there.
The priest of the temple gives the devotees flowers of a plant with light colored flowers, which are placed on the red cloth and after receiving the blessing of the deity, they give it back to the deity. It is a rule that the priests of the temple should not wear gold and silver and should not take food and clothes offered to the deity.
Shravani Mela has been held here since the Sadayuga period. At that time Sahastrabahu was worshiped as a deity and now Sasaram is celebrated all over the city…

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