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Sai baba firmly believed in divine uniformity and he never differentiated anyone based on race , gender or faith. He also made it a point that those who had come to him in their hour of need and sorrow would not return empty handed. He wrought miracles to relieve the misery of the needy.
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I live in Tirupur with my father, mother. We admitted my father at a private hospital for one month and treating him for mental health. As there is no improvement the doctors suggested taking him to a peaceful and greenery place. We decided to take him to his native place in karur a small village called “vatukapati”. Sunday night we reached karur. The next day morning he had a little cold I did not take it seriously. Tuesday it turned to be throat infection the mucus was increasing day by day (From my experience if you find mucus in throat for aged people immediately rush to the hospital as it will affect the lungs badly and make difficult to breath).

On Wednesday my father was troubling to breathe, I could not do anything in the middle of the night as the hospital is too far away. I called my father’s brother he did not give proper advice and hope, my mother and myself were crying the whole night. With the help of some relatives, we took my father to a hospital in Karur. The doctor investigated and told he has a blood clot in the lungs, his bp level is lowering.

I was shocked and called my dear friend Hari Krishna he gave me confidence and told I would pray to Sai Baba (he is a devotee of Sai) he will recover your father from the illness. After thirty minutes the doctor told it was just mucus, they don’t have the facilities to treat there and suggested us to take him to KMCHospital in Coimbatore. I prayed to Sai Baba whole heartedly. In KMCH they told that he has no blood clot but his lungs were affected by the virus, so that mucus is so high in lungs. My relatives asked me to stay away from my father for his speedy recovery as advised by an astrologer. My bother stayed in the Hospital. I reached home and searched for Sai Baba’s photo, I finally found one from the calendar.

I literally cried while praying, daily I pray for an hour to Sai Baba. The visitor hours were three times a day for ICU, my brother calls me after every visit, I pray to Sai before ten minutes to the calls. Out of 18 calls, only 1 call was about low bp which is not to worry other calls had recovery news. Day by day my father was recovering, after 11 days he was shifted to a normal ward. Sai Baba’s grace had made my father health to improve. A special incident to mention I bought an idol of Sai Baba from the KMCH vicinity.

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