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Sai Baba, was an Indian holy leader considered saint and fakir by his devotees. During and during his life he is respected by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees. Sai Baba also rejected the religion or caste distinctions.
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It was during my sister’s birthday in the year 2010 that we found our mother had a tumor with a size of 12 cm in the left bone. The doctors suggested removing the leg but she cured within a year. In 2011, the tumor came in the same size as before she overcame this time also. During December 2012 around 3 am I cried whether this time also my mother could get affected, at 4 have I felt an old man touching my hand. I asked my sister is it she holding me but she was sleeping on the other side, I could not open my eyes.

I heard him say something in the sleep I went to Sai temple in my dream and saw Sai sitting there. He said the exact words he said before “Arreitnichidihuikyuhaikyahuabata” and told him not to take my mother away and bless her. He replied, “abjohonatha ho gayaaageke lie me huna”. My mother again suffered from cancer this time in the breast as Baba said he was always with her and so my mother completely got cured. After 150 chemotherapy sessions, she always came back home and do her daily chores willingly. In this treatment period, she is not bedridden for once. Now in 2018, she is completely cured. Sai is always with us and guarding us. Praise “Shree sai”.

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