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His most succinct statement was "Why hate because I'm here" for one and all alike. Taking shelter in Sai involves going on a trip to the Sacred Oasis of Love and drinking deep from the Fountain of Water, the root of all Spiritual Light.
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SandhyaJi is 25 years old and devotee of Sai Baba. She lives from Mumbai and currently lives in Jaipur. She wanted to share the miracle and experience of Sai Baba that give us faith, trust, hope, and love on Sai.

How SandhyaJi visited Shirdi:

In her family or friends, no one was followers of Sai Baba, yet I wanted to visit Shirdi with my mother. I always made a plan to go to Shirdi with my mother, but it doesn’t work. My mother had an operation for kidney cancer. As soon as my mother came home I asked her about visiting Shirdi, she said okay. And it was surprising at next day we arrived at Shirdi with the blessing of Sai Baba and it is all done without any preplanning. Since 2008 with Baba’s blessing I used to visit Shirdi every year.

Money on my account:

Another moment is I had not enough money to pay for my exams and other expenses. I was left with the balance with 1000 rupees and I went to withdraw it for food. I was surprised when I saw the balance rupee was 1 lakh. I did not believe and went to another ATM and checked her balance it really was 120000. I realized that it was a blessing from Sai Baba.

Sai Baba support to my mother for fighting the disease:

I prayed to Sai Baba when her mother had cancer and a brain tumor. I waited for a long time for my mother outside the ICU with my brother praying and believing in Sai Baba to cure her. After the operation, we again waited outside the ICU since we are not allowed in. I prayed to Sai Baba not to give these pain to anyone else. It has been 20 years, Sai made my mother stay strong after the fight against those diseases.

Sai help me to pass the exam:

It is time I had exams for the company secretary. I knew that I did not prepare for the exam and could not pass. I believed in Sai and went for the first exam. On the way to the exam, I saw an old man resembling Sai Baba near the Sai temple which is closed. The next day exam was really bad but believed Sai Baba. While going for my last exam I couldn’t able to see that old man, but as a surprise Sai temple was open. As I wish, I cleared all the exams with Sai Baba blessings.

Calmness on my life Baba gave:

Everyone has struggled in their life, everything like happiness, sadness, struggle, pain. I was a jolly person and suddenly has to face depression in my life. Because of the depression, I got frustrated and shouted at many people. Realizing my behaviour towards the ones I loved and then I used to cry. I thought that I was out of control and felt helpless. After I started to read Sai Satcharitra, I could see the difference myself. And I realized I am the one who made my life miserable. Love is the one if you gave it to someone it will come back to you. It is just a simple thing that you give comebacks to you itself and leave the rest to Sai Baba. I saw a difference when I feel the presence of him and my pains and sorrows completely gone. SaiSatcharitra made me realize this. I only wanted to believe in Sai Baba. He will save all our lives and in return, we give Sai our love.

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