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The shirdi Shri Sai baba is regarded as the god of all. Shirdi is considered a holy location for muslims and hindus. In the recent past many religious people including orthodox Christians have begun worshiping Sai Baba of Shirdi by zoroastrains.

They were no primary facilities in Shirdi in the time Sai Baba arrived in the village. The well in the village had no water from the spring and it had been dried for a long period. They only had well for the sake of the name. People took water far away from the village. They faced a big crisis when Sai permitted to celebrate Ram Navami Fair (Baba’s Birthday) because of water availability. People thought there was no other way than Baba and went to Baba to say the problem, Baba said “Oh yes, so you want plenty of water, do you? Here, take this and drop it in the well and wait and see.” “This,” which is turned up into the flowers with Prasad and the food he received that day is seen. Indeed, there is no doubt about the miracles of Sai Baba. The villagers did not doubt it. They dropped some of the leaves into the well as soon as they did the water from the well began to rise as if told by Baba and now the well if filled with water. And the people began to rejoice.

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