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Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

Omkareshwar is a temple dedicated to God Shiva in Hindi. It is one of 12 shrines in Jyotirlinga. It is in the Narmada river on an island called Mandhata or Shivapuri; it is said that the island ‘s shape is like the Hindu? Symbol. Symbol. The island has two temples, one called Omkareshwar and the other named Amareshwar.

Omkareshwar temple at Omkareshwar is the pilgrims’ main attraction. Omkareshwar owes that temple its very existence. As for who built the temple and when, it’s all enveloped in mystery.
The sanctum sanctorum containing the Jyotirlinga appears to have originally been a small temple of old building style, the dome being made up of layers of stone slabs and not circular cut stones.

Since this temple is too close to the south of the Narmada’s precipitously deep bank, the great extension is of new style of construction. That is why the sanctum sanctorum and the main deity are neither at the front of the main door nor below the higher conspicuous Shikhar or the later-build tower.
According to legend Narad (Brahma ‘s son) once visited the parvat of Vindhya

Vindhya parvat, out of desire to be greater than Meru, started to pray to the Lord Shiva to grace him and make him higher. Lord Shiva was delighted as a result, and rewarded him with his desired boon.
Lord Shiva split the linga into two sections at the behest of all the gods, one at Omkareshwar and the other at Amareshwar. He granted Vindhya parvat his good fortune that he will never cease to rise .

Yet Vindhya dishonoured his undertaking. Both the sun and the moon were soon obstructed. All the deities went to sage Agastya to help.
Sage Agastya and his wife made a promise to Vindhya that he would not grow till they returned. According Vindhya.
The Sage left, with his wife, and they never returned. The sage and his wife stayed in Srisailam which is called Dakshina Kashi and one of the Jyotirlin Dwadash

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