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Narmada , Harsiddhi Mataji Temple

The Harshiti Temple, located on the Koila Tungar, belongs to the Chalukya Stone City.
The king had to go to the temple and eat fried alive in the fire pit. The next day she makes him alive and sends him back to his palace.
This daily curse affected the health of King Prabhupada and he became very weak and thin.
At that time, King Prabhatsen’s maternal cousin, the great king, Veer Vikramaditya came on a pilgrimage to Dwarka and became his guest.
After seeing the condition of his cousin, King Veer Vikramaditya asked the reason for it and he was told the story of this torture.
So the great king Vikramaditya decided and took the form of Prabhatsen and went to fulfill the curse of his cousin. Mataji was pleased to see her show love and courage, so she gave him a wish…

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