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Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

The Nageshwar jyotirlinga is in Dwarka, on the Saurashtra coast, in Gujarat. She is one of the world’s 12 Jyotirlinga. A 25 m high Lord Shiva statue and a wide garden with a pond are the main attractions drawing visitors here every year. Some archaeological excavations at the site say five earlier towns.It was assumed that Nageshwar was known as ‘Darukavana’ which is an ancient epic name of a forest in India. To this ancient temple below are two well-known legends:There was a community of dwarves, the balakhilyas, dwelling in Darukvana according to legend. They were lord shiv devotees. The Lord came to Darukavana to test their loyalty, posing as a nude ascetic and wearing nothing but

The sages’ wives were attracted to him, and left their husbands. Enraged, the sages had cursed the ascetic to make his ling (phallus) fall off. Then the Shiv Ling fell to the ground and the whole world shuddered.
Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma pleaded with Lord Shiva to take back his ling before destruction of the world. Pacified, the Lord took his linga back but left a linga tha mark the linga that would remain there forever.

The second legend is that two demons Daruka and Daruki existed in Darukavan in hundreds of years ago, according to the Shiv Purana. Goddess Parvati blessed daruka. But he misused the blessings, terrorising the local residents.
One such time a local woman, Supriya, was imprisoned. Supriya instructed her fellow prisoners to take Lord Shiva ‘s name, and no harm will come upon them.

He became angry when Daruka heard this. He tried to kill her but Lord Shiv seemed to guard her. As Daruka was blessed by his own wife, he could not be killed by the Lord, so instead he took the form of a lingam and vowed to protect Supriya and the local people in Dwarka for ever.Nageshwar jyotirling faces south while east faces the Gomugam. There’s a storey to justify the stance.There was once a devotee Namdev who was singing bhajans in front of the Lord. 

The other devotees requested him to pass, as he obstructed the vision of the lord. To this, Namdev asked them to point in a direction where there was no Lord. Enraged, he was carried away by the devotees and he was left facing south.
When they returned, the statue faced south to their amazement while the Gomugam faced east now.

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