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The whole southern part of India is packed with beautiful and famous religious places. There are numerous temples dedicated to different gods or deities. This appeals to the inner religiousness of the people of India. Their devotion, religiosity and the will to worship the gods are clearly evident in their behavior of visiting the temples and other religious places. The beauty and significance of the temples can not be described in words but still I’ll try my best to express the wonder and awe of those temples. Let’s get started without wasting any time.

  1. Venkateswara Temple, Andhra Pradesh 

Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most visited places in the whole state. People visit there with utter religiosity and for the sake of devotion. The inner peace of the common people is enhanced by visiting a place like that. The atmosphere, religiousness and the love and unity among the people is a thing of beauty which you can find on visiting there. The temple, Venkateswara is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. According to the respected devotees, Venkateswara is a form of Lord Vishnu and he came on earth to save the people from the decay of Kali Yuga. Apart from the local people of the state, people from all over India come here in the presence of the great one to feel the divinity.

  1. Brihadisvara Temple, Tamil Nadu

Brihadisvara Temple in Tamil Nadu is among the most visited and illustrious religious places in that state. Whole Tamil Nadu is packed with Hindu temples and religious places but this has a very high status among them all. This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. This temple was built at least one thousand years before the birth of Christ. This has a religious as well as historical significance as well. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this ancient temple. The festival of Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with great grandeur and the attendance of the people to visit the occasion is simply amazing. The place is truly worthy of being one of the most visited temples in Tamil Nadu.

  1. Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple, TamilNadu

Arulmigu Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple is another very famous temple in Tamil Nadu. Meenakshi is the form of goddess Parvati and Sundareswarar is the form of Lord Shiva as considered by the devotees. People believe that both the god and goddess live in this temple and that increases the religious value of the temple. The temple stands on the banks of the river Vaigai. The natural beauty of the places is a bonus along with the religious important of the place. By combining those aspects together, this temple is undoubtedly one of the most valuable religious places in Southern part of India. 

  1. Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka 

Virupaksha Temple is another significant and valuable temple in Karnataka. There are some temples in Hampi in Karnataka but this temple is the most important among them all. This temple symbolizes ancientness along with beauty of art and architecture. People visit there not only for the sake of religiousness but also for it’s brilliant architecture. The beauty of the temple and its divinity appeals to the inner self of the visitors. This will dazzle your eyes and sooth your heart once you visit there.

  1. Ramanathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

Ramanathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu is another temple which has great religious value and importance. The temple is designated to Lord Shiva precisely. It is said by the devotees that Sree Ram had worshiped Lord Shiva in that place before going to Lanka by the bridge created by his followers. That has led this place to become one holy place. There are twelve Jyotirlinga temples in India and it is recommended one of them. Keeping all these things in mind, this temple surely gains a very high position among all the temples in South India. Rameswaram is the place where the temple is situated in Tamil Nadu and this place has a matchless beauty and heavenly appeal. You can’t help yourself from being amazed once you visit this place. So, apart from the religious aspect, the beauty of the place serves as a bonus to the visitors. 

  1. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Karnataka 

Ranganathaswamy Temple is another religious wonder in Karnataka. Ranganatha is the form of Lord Vishnu as believed by the people. There are several Hindu temples on the banks of Kaveri river and among them, this temple has the most renowned spot. People come here out of their religiousness towards the deity. People believe that god can save them from all kind of danger. They have a belief that all their wish will be fulfilled here if they ask for it. This is also a very ancient one just like all the other temples. This also belongs to the B.C era.

This ancientness also appeals to the significance of the temple and it’s belief.

  1. Murudeshwara Temple, Karnataka 

Murudeshwara Temple in Karnataka is a place of beauty. The huge Shiva statue is a thing of beauty and also a excellent work of art and architecture. The Shiva statue there is the second tallest  Shiva statue in the world. This is a site that one must watch at least for once in their life. The Arabian sea in the backdrop enhances the undeniable beauty of the place. There are numerous visitor who visit this place every time not only because of religiosity but also to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful site. The beauty is beyond expression. It can’t be felt without visiting there. So , book your ticket and go to that place once. I can assure you that your heart and soul will be totally satisfied with it.

There is a website called where you will get more detailed information about the various religious places in South India. Do visit the website if you have the will to know more about those interesting places.

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