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Mithila Sakthi Peedam

According to the Hindu mythology, it is whispered that Devi Sati’s “Left Shoulder”fell here. The main idols of this legendary divine place are Devi as “Mahadevi or Uma” and Lord Shiva as “Mahodar” (a brave one). The holy place is dedicated to Goddess Durga.
The place is known for the other histories present in the great holy epic Ramayana of Hindus. Since Janakpuri is known as the birth place of Sita Mata (Wife of lord Rama) and her father, the famous king of Janak used to rule this region.
The people have a wrong conception of believing the Janki madir as the popular Shakti peeth. An ancient Shakti temple at this place is also known as Sona mai mandir. Mithilachal is also known as Durgasthan or the place for Devi Bhagavati..

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