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Baba has also promoted positive thinking. While Dakshina raised a ton of money, he never kept any sum with him. He would disperse the whole sum the same day and, as expected, the next morning, he would become a bad Fakir.

He was another Engineering student. When he had his exams in lab internals, he was very nervous about exams. It was tough and he wanted to score good marks in the lab since he did not do well in an internal written exam. As miracle Baba made his prayer true and got him good marks.

We got into a difficult situation when my family wanted to go on a trip to Shivaratri. There was a small misunderstanding between my father and grandmother. My father refused to take his grandmother for the trip. But my Grandmother wanted to come for the trip with us and the situation became difficult. I prayed Baba to clear the situation. After that, my father agreed to take my grandmother along with us. It was a very good trip. Thanks to Sai.

Once my friend made a plan to go outing for the Sai Baba Ashram which is my teacher’s ashram. I wanted to go with them to see Sai Baba but I was in doubt whether my father will allow me to go to the ashram. So I prayed towards Baba and Sathya Sai Baba for my dad’s permission. When I ask my dad’s permission, he gave permission for me. I went with them to enjoyingly. And with Baba’s blessings, we are going on a trip to Shirdi. Om Sai Ram.

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