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Mahur,Renuka Devi Temple

Mahur, also known as Mahurkot, is a religious town located in the state of Maharashtra
Mahur is the birthplace of Goddess Parshuram Devi Renuka and Dattatreya, the son of Goddess Anusaya Devi.
Maharashtra’s Shakti Peethas first – reveals Dulwapur Bhavani, second – reveals Kolhapur Mahalakshmi, third – reveals Mahur Mahamaya, and half – reveals Renuka & Saptringi Jagatamba.
The Chevral Shakti temples in the area belong to the city of Ambe Jogai & Ant. There are several temples in Mahur, including the Kalika Temple and the Anusaya Temple. The most important is Renuka Devi. Temple.
The temple is in the forest and has a dome in the center, which is red and stands on pillars, which are bear white above and red below. It has an open space around the structure…

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