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For one and all alike, his most concise message was "Why do I fear when I'm here?" To take refuge in Sai is to go on a journey to reach the Divine Oasis of Love and to drink deeply from the Fountain of Life, the source of all Spiritual Energy. Wherever the devotee is, Baba makes him recognize his highest aspirations and goals within himself and at one stroke.
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It was a story of another devotee on Sai Baba’s miracle. I had a struggle in education loans overseas. The loan did not get sanctioned even though all my document papers and scores were fine. It was really a difficult situation for me. I used to have a sentiment that a miracle will definitely happen when I saw pictures of Sai Baba at every place like in shops, cars, or in the calendar. This time I saw pictures of Sai Baba everywhere I go, even on the way to consultancy from my home and also when I returned to my house I saw a picture of Sai Baba.

I also saw Sai’s picture in the consultancy basement. That gave me the belief that this day will be miraculous. But unfortunately, I returned to the home, without the sanction of my loan. The agent said it can’t proceed. He said it half heartened since my scores were good, but it’s all because of my father. He said that his profile is really bad. My father never thought me as his kid and he had another family. He earned very well and brought all the properties in the name of another family. He already took many loans for the properties from a lot of people, families, and friends. Now he cannot pay them back. He never thought about me, my siblings, and my mother, but wanted another family to be treated comfortably. There is no other hope other than my education overseas and my employment. I can’t believe him and cried about that. It was the night time nearly 10.

Sai Baba appeared in my dreams and asked what if the loan gets processed and gets sanctioned and if my father did not transfer the money into my account? The loan fully depends on the mark and score I took and it had no security and collateral. I felt like Sai Baba tried to rescue me from the problem I faced when I woke from my dreams. It was a big tragedy, I ever face in my life. Then I realized when the loan gets sanctioned only part of the money will be given to me and the huge sum of money will have remained in my father’s account until he makes his next payment. I could not trust my father to give me 30 lakhs when he doesn’t even give me 3000 rupees. Thanks to Sai for solving my problem. Sai Baba always makes a good life for his devotees. He leads my life in a proper way and without any fear. And I love him heartily and Sai Baba was always on my side.

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