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Kailayanathar- Thirunodithanmalai (Thirukkailayam, Kailayam),Tibet (276 Shiva Sthalangal)

Mount Kailash lies in Tibet. This is situated just beside the most pure and holy body of water known explicitly as the sarovar of Lake Manas. Goddess Mansa (form of the Shakti Goddess) and Lord Amar (form of Lord Shiva) are here.

  • Name of the Lord:Lord Shiva, Kailayanathar. (Possesses all transcendence).
  • Name of the Goddess:Parvati Devi. (God is possessed of all transcendence).
  • Theertham: Manasarovar Lake, Ganges, Indus etc. Rivers.

Since a different name was given to the idol of Devi at different shakti peedam, the name given to this particular devi idol is known as Dakshayani (Durga).

The name given to Lord Shiva is also known here as Amar (Immortal).

This is one of the entire earth’s pure and sacred places where people can satisfy all their desires.There is no temple or god, just a huge boulder lying over there that is worshipped.

In the ancient scriptures it is claimed that anyone who takes a dip in the holy Mansarovar Lake and circumambulates the top, gets absolved for centuries of his or her sins and achieves salvation.

It’s claimed that Kailash Manasarovar Lake has healing powers.

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