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Puri,Jagannath Temple
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Animal sacrifice to the deity Pimala is an ancient tradition here.
The temple is one of the 108 power lights of India. The navel part of Sati Devi fell here. Durga Puja is celebrated here for 16 days every year.
Pimala is no different from Vishnu. It is said in the verses of our Puranas that Goddess Vishnu accepts power when she undertakes an adventurous mission to overcome evil and restore justice on earth.
During the Anavasara period, as an excellent wife newly married, Lakshmi devotes herself completely to breastfeeding her ailing husband. For fourteen days she stops sleeping, after which she understands and falls asleep a little tired.
As soon as she sees Lakshmi asleep, her husband Jegannath takes off his clothes from Lakshmi and immediately leaves for Kundicha temple to see his friends Radharani and Vraja-Gopi.
It takes place on the second day of the bright half of the month of Asada, which is called the Kundicha-yatra or chariot-yatra…

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