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There are various strict places to be seen in Shirdi, e.g., Chavadi, Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai masjid, Shani Shignapur. Kolhapur gets its name from a fanciful tale of Kolhasur-an evil spirit killed by Goddess Mahalakshmi. The revered sanctuary of Mahalakshmi is here built in memory of the goddess Mahalakshmi.


Day 1


On arrival Shirdi airport.
Pick up from airport.
Pick up and then transfer to Hotel.
Hotel Check in.
Sai Baba Temple Darshan (special Dharisanam).
Come back to Hotel.
Overnight Stay at Hotel.

Day 2

Ellora Caves and Grishneshwar Jothirlingam Temple

After breakfast & Hotel Check-out.
Proceed to visit Ellora Caves and Grishneshwar Jothirlingam Temple Dharisanam.
To Visit Shani Shingnapur Temple and Renuka Mata Mandir Dharisanam.
Then proceed towards Pune.
Hotel Check in.
Overnight Stay at Hotel - Pune.

Day 3

Kolhapur Temple

After breakfast and then Check-out the Hotel.
Then proceed towards Kolhapur.
To visit Kolhapur Mahalaksmi Temple.
After Dharsan, then proceed to wards Pune.
Shopping at Pune Malls.
Finally drop at Pune airport.

Shirdi Kolhapur Flight Trip


Shirdi is a first-rate pilgrimage site, and different religious figures like Upasani Baba and Meher Baba credited the lessons of Sai Baba. Sai Baba is revered as one of the greatest saints ever visible in India, endowed with exceptional powers, and worshipped as a God incarnate. This mysterious being, who arrived unannounced in Shirdi as a teen and remained there throughout his long life, transformed the lives of people who met him and keeps to achieve this for the ones whose hearts are touched via his love.  Baba said that his assignment is to "deliver blessings" and he proves it in myriad ways: restoration the sick, saving lives, defensive the prone, warding off accidents, granting offspring, facilitating economic advantage, bringing people into harmony with themselves and each different and, above all, in effecting the spiritual evolution and transformation of individuals who come to him. Baba is, as one of his current devotees put it, "the embodiment of the Supreme Spirit, lighting fixtures the sadhakas' route with the aid of his every word and movement. Support one another and motivate us to drive upwards into the higher level, simply by pouring out affection. Love is infectious and the best recuperation strength. The existence in advance can only be superb in case you learn how to stay in general harmony with the Lord.



Ellora Caves, Ellora also spelled Elura, a chain of 34 majestic rock-cut temples in the state of Maharashtra, northwest-central, western India. They are situated near the village of Ellora, northwest of Aurangabad 19 miles (30 km), and southwest of the Ajanta Caves 50 miles.

The Ellora caves, domestically called ‘Verul Leni’ are situated on the Aurangabad-Chalisgaon street at a distance of 30 km north-northwest of Aurangabad, the district headquarters.

Ellora is also world-well-known for the biggest single monolithic excavation within the global, the excellent Kailasa, Ellora represents the epitome of Indian rock-reduce structure, The 34 "caves" are surely systems excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain rock-reduce temples and viharas and mathas were built among the 5th century and tenth century.

Ellora is famous for Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain cave temples constructed in the course of (sixth and 9th centuries) the rule of the Kalachuri, Chalukya, and Rashtrakuta dynasties.

The five Jain caves at Ellora belong to the ninth and 10th centuries. They all belong to the Digambara sect, Twelve Buddhist caves were built for the duration of the fifth-seventh century, The maximum famous of the Buddhist caves is cave variety 10, a Chaitya corridor (chandrashala) or 'Vishvakarma cave', popularly referred to as the 'Carpenter's Cave, Dashavatara cave (Cave 15) at Ellora depicts the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.


Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple also referred to as the Grineshwar Temple or Ghushmeshwar Temple, is one of Lord Shiva's devoted shrines referred to in Shiva Purana. The word Ghrneshwara means "the master of compassion" Grishneshwar Temple, additionally known as Ghushmeshwar, has a totally thrilling legend connected to it. It is said that there was once a completely spiritual lady, known as Kusuma, who used to worship Lord Shiva on a day by day foundation. She used to immerse His Shivalingam in a tank, as a part of her regular prayer. Her husband had a 2d wife, who got jealous of the devotion of Kusuma and her resultant admiration in society. In a fit of rage and resentment, she murdered Kusuma's son.

Kusuma became extremely depressed while she came to realize that her son had been killed. However, she endured worshipping the Lord. It is said that when she immersed the lingam into the tank, after her the loss of life of her son, he miraculously came lower back to life again. The legend similarly goes that at that point, Lord Shiva appeared earlier than Kusuma in addition to the villagers. It is stated that on Kusuma's request, Lord Shiva manifested Himself at the very web site, within the form of the Jyotirlinga Ghusmeshwar. From then onwards, the temple is fairly revered using people and attracts devotees from far and extensive.

Shani signature

Villagers agree that god Shani punishes everybody attempting a robbery. The deity right here is "Swayambhu"  that is self emerged from earth in the form of black, imposing stone. Though no person knows the exact duration, it is believed that the Swayambhu Shaneshwara statue was located by shepherds of the then local hamlet. Shani Shingnapur in India's Maharashtra state, where villagers eschew security because of their timeless religion in Lord Shani, the god of Saturn, who is considered the parent of the village. ... The deity ordered that the slab must be kept inside the village, wherein he could reside from right here on. Shani Shingnapur Temple is a well known Temple which is devoted to Shani Dev. Usually, Devotees go to Shingnapur after visiting Shirdi temple, there are various non-public cars to take you to the Shingnapur on a seat percentage basis. Shani Shingnapur Temple or Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Temple one of the well-known Shani temples in India.

Renuka Devi Temple

Renuka Devi was a princess and married Jamadagni, a powerful sage. She had five sons including Parasurama (Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation). She obtained the strength through her dedication to her husband and chastity to make a fresh pot of sand every day, and put water into it, to her husband for his prayers.

Renuka commonly means Daughter of Parasurama or Sixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is of Indian descent. Mahur is the birthplace of God's daughter Parshuram Goddess Renuka & God Dattatreya, who was the son of Goddess Anusaya. Maharashtra's Shakti Peethas are first-Tuljapur manifesting Bhavani, second-Kolhapur manifesting Mahalakshmi, third-Mahamaya manifesting, And the half-Jagadamba embodied by Renuka & Saptashrungi In the area many shakti shrines belong to Ambe Jogai & Aundh. Several other temples, including the Kalika Temple & Anusaya Temple, exist in Mahur. The most famous among these is the Devi Renuka. Church. Church. The temple is in the jungle and has a red-colored dome in the middle, built on pillars there is pure white on the top and contrasting red in the bottom. This has round the framework into an open space.  

chennai to shirdi places to visit
Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba 

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Distance between Pune to Kolhapur by Road is 233 Kms

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