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  • Every day, devotees from all over the world are thronging here at the Sai Baba Temple and this is a holy experience.
  • Shani Shingnapur is the name of a village in Nevasa taluka in Maharashtra Ahmednagar district; the village is known for its famous temple of Lord Shani-Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur-the Hindu god associated with planet Saturn.
  • Renuka / Renu or Yellamma or Ekvira or Ellai amman or Ellai amma .Yellamma is the patron goddess of the Maharashtra and the southern Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Her devotees worship her as "Mother of the Universe" or "Jagadamba."
  • The Ranjangaon Ganpati temple is located in Shirur taluka about 50kms from Pune and is the eighth temple visited by devotees who set out on the divine Ashtavinayak Yatra. Mahaganapati is the most powerful representation of Lord Ganesha. Mahaganapati is depicted as having eight, ten or twelve arms.


Day 1

Chennai to Shirdi

Departing from Chennai airport.
On arrival Shirdi airport.
Pick up from airport.
Hotel Check In.
Sai Baba Temple Darshan (special Dharisanam)
Come back to Hotel.
Overnight Stay at Hotel.

Day 2

Ranjangaon Ganpati

After breakfast and then Hotel check-out.
Proceeding to visit Shani Shingnapur Temple
Shri Renuka Devi Temple
Ranjangaon Ganpati
Finally drop at Shirdi airport.

Chennai To Shirdi:

  • Exploring Chennai:

Chennai or Madras as it was previously called, on the Coromandel Coast, is the capital of Tamil Nadu, an Indian Sub-continent province. It is an important Southern India industrial , commercial, cultural, economic and educational hub. Chennai City is India's sixth-largest populated city. It is known as India's "Detroit" since many automotive industries are located here. There are many variants and storeys of how the name of this city kept changing from time to time from Madras and Chennai. This city was originally called Madras, from Madraspattinam during the reign of Nayakars. It was a fishing village north of present-day Fort St. George. British bought the piece of land from the King of Vijayanagar and built the St. George Fort .

The Marina Beach: Chennai's pride and the world's second-longest beach of its kind. Here you can find the Memorials of former chief ministers C.N.Annadurai and M.G.Ramachandran. Madras University, Departments of Government, Senate Building, Presidential College, Cricket Stadium, and Swami Vivekananda Memorial Building and All India Radio occupy the stretch opposite to the beach.

Santhome Cathedral Bascilica: It is one of the basilica that was built in the world over an Apostle 's grave. It is believed that in 78 AD in this beach, on which a church was built, the remains of St. Thomas were intermedied / buried. Several years later it was further moved into the land to the present site. It's holding St. Thomas' mortal remains.

Mamallapuram: The exotic attraction of this town is the long bas-relief remains of the Pallava Dynasty from the 7th and 8th centuries. Besides these reliefs, Beach, Shore Temple, Five Rathas and Sculpture Work Shops also form part of this city and draw millions of local and foreign tourists each year. For all the landmarks, visitors are paid one – time entry fee.

  • Devotional Places to visit in Shirdi:

The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple is a holy place dedicated to Shri Sai Baba in Shirdi, Maharashtra in India, who is considered one of the greatest saints to have been born in India. Sai Baba is believed to have been endowed with unparalleled strength, and in the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple, he is worshipped as God incarnate. Recently refurbished in 1998, the temple premises are now fitted with all the modern and necessary facilities such as Darshan Lane, Prasadalay serving lunch and dinner, Donation Counters, Prasad Counters, Canteen, Book Stall, Railway Reservation Counter and more. There are also lodging facilities for devotees who visit the temple from far away locations.

Though most famous for its dedicated Sai Baba shrine, Shirdi also houses the Shirdi Water Park. This destination has many fun rides and events that are equally enjoyable for both adults and children alike. Located in Nighoj Village about 5 kilometres from Shirdi, this destination is a much-needed heat-relaxation and a fun-filled way to spend some time with people close by.

Jungli Maharaj Ashram: The ashram is situated on Shirdi-manmade state highway, 7 km from Shirdi. It's also a co-educational residential school for girls, operated and supported by Spiritual Guru Om Gurudev. Anygraha 's religious programme is run every Poornima that goes on all night in the presence of Sadguru Janglidas Maharaj.

This Ganapati Temple is one of Maharashtra's Ashtavinayak Temples. It is near Pune on Pune -Nagar Road. Neat & clean spot. Visited on working day so there wasn't much crowd. At the Gallary we also saw colourful paintings situated on one side of the temple. Parking facility was available. Toilet was not clean in the parking area. Clean toilet facilities are available within temple city.

One of the legendary Asht-vinayak temples around Pune (which literally means Eight of Lord Ganapati).

This one is one of the nearest to Pune City and one of the few that are well connected from end to end.

Nice parking, eat, toilet and dining arrangement all around. Must visit the site.

Shri Mahaganapti Ashtavinayak Ganpati Temple Ranjangaon is one of Lord Ganesha's eight major temples which form the divine temples of Ashtavinayak in Maharashtra. Shri Mahaganapti Temple is located on Pune-Nagpur highway via Pune-Koregaon- shikrapur-Ranjangaon one can reach Ranjangaon. Pune & Ranjangaon is about 50kms away. The idol faces the east in Mahaganapti temple, is seated in a cross-legged position with a broad forehead, with its trunk pointing to the left. Designed in such a way that the sun's rays fall directly upon the idol (during the sun's Southward movement), the temple bears a distinct resemblance to the 9th and 10th century architecture and faces the East.

Shani shinganapur is a village at Maharashtra , India; about 35 km from the city of Ahmednagar. The village is famous as the place of the god of planet Saturn (Shani), Lord Shani. Lord Shani is said to be very strict and, once in his life, he punishes every person for the wrong things done but also for the good work. Another aspect of the village of Shinganapur is that not one single house has doors but only door frames. The people in the village believe that at Lord Shani 's mighty place no thief can do anything.

Next to Shani Shinganapur Temple and Shinganapur village there are some popular sights to see. There are temples of Goddess Laxmi beside Shanidev's idol. Also in front of these temples is the famous Samadhi of Sant Shri Udasi Baba, and three unknown samadhis as well. In the east direction of the Shanidev's idol there is a temple of Shri Dattatraya.

Bhimashankar Temple is located in the Sahyadri hills ghat area, in the village of Bhavagiri, 50 km northwest of Khed, about 127 km from Pune in Maharashtra. Bhima Shankar Temple lies at the banks of the Bhima River. Bhimashankar is also the source of the Bhima River that flows southeast and flows near Raichur with the Krishna River. One of the 12 jyotirlingas, Bhimashankar Temple is.

Goddess Renuka Devi's temple is located in Mahurgad in Maharashtra. Mahur is the house of the goddess Renuka, Parshuram 's mother, Lord Vishnu's incarnation. The place is about 130 km from Nanded, in Kinwat. It is assumed that the temple was built some eight or nine hundred years ago by a Yadava king of Devgiri. Renukadevi Temple is situated on top of a hill. Mahur-A major centre of pilgrimage. Renuka Devi Temple is called one of Maharashtra's Shaktipeeth. Goddess Renuka Devi's temple is situated on a hillock overflowing with natural beauty, at a distance of around 2,415 km. From the village of Mahur. Every year a very big fair in honour of Renukadevi is held on the day of Dasara.

Renuka Devi temple legend-Renuka was the daughter of King Renu of Kubaj country and the sage Jamadagni 's wife; When King Sahastrarjuna paid Jamadagni a visit at his abode, the sage's hospitality took him by surprise. When asked about the same, he was told by the sage that this is because of the Kamadhenu, i.e., cow.

A Center of great pilgrimage. It is considered as one of the Maharashtra Shaktipiths. Goddess Renuka Devi's temple is situated on a hillock overflowing with natural beauty, at a distance of around 2,415 km. Out of Mahur town. The temple is said to have been built about eight ot nine hundred years ago by a Yadava king of Devgiri.

The Shirdi temple is dedicated to Sri Sai Baba, and he is worshipped as one of India's greatest saints ever seen, blessed with unparalleled powers and worshipped as god incarnations. Baba first appeared as a youth in Shirdi, and lived there until his 1918 death. He's changed the lives of those who met him

The temple is open to all visitors regardless of their caste, their faith and their beliefs. On average, 50,000 devotees visit Shirdi daily, to have Sri Sai Baba's Darshan. More than 100,000 devotees visit the temple daily during the festival season. The major festivals which are celebrated with great enthusiasm are Ramnavami (March / April), Guru Purnima (July) and Vijayadashami (September)

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Chennai to Shirdi Devotional

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Guide: From Trip start to till end the Tour Guide will be taken care Local Speaking Guide – ( English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam ) *

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Personal Expensive.

Camera, Gadgets entry fee ( If any ).


And which all are not included in the customized tour itinerary.

Parashuram/Parashurama is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu who killed his own mother, Renuka, and his brothers. In Hinduism, Parashurama (or Parshuram ) is said to be the sixth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.

Strict dress code is followed, Dotar / Dhoti only to enter into the temple. No need to carry these clothes with you as they are available on a returnable basis in the shops.

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