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To one and all alike, his most straightforward answer was "Why are you scared because I am here?"

When some of the grains that are being harvested by every villager in the Shirdi village, it will be stored in the garage. It is so hot in the summer season that only people in the Shirdi know about it. Kondaji Sutar was suddenly called by Sai Baba in the afternoon. Sai Baba said Kondaji that: “Go, your field is on fire”. Kondaji was stunned and he ran towards the field and looked all over his field desperately, but there is no fire anywhere on the field. Kondaji came towards the Masjid and said Baba there is no fire on the field and why Sai said so?. Sai Baba calmly replied to Kondaji “You better turn back and look again.” Sai was always right. A bundle of corn is in fact burned in a fire and the air is filled with smoke everywhere from the corn. The village people who saw the fire went running and called “Sai Baba” and asked him to help “Please help us stopping the fire” by the time fire is getting spread. As they requested Baba came to the field calmly, sprinkled water on the bundle, then he told: “There now! The fire will die down!” and it happened.

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