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chennai to shirdi places to visit

Top tourist places in the holy town of shirdi

India is a spiritual land that enjoys multicultural activities and unity in diversity. It houses hundreds of ancient temples like shirdi saibaba temple, Rameswaram, Gurudwara, Kasi, Gaya, and Kedarnath and Udupi that see pilgrim and tourist activities throughout the year. 

Holy saints, mystics, and spiritual gurus like shirdi saibaba, Ramana Maharishi, Mahesh Yogi, Swami Vivekananda, and Sivananda were born in this Holy land and realized the importance of self and God-realization when they were still in their tender ages.

Spiritually enlightened people like Shirdi Saibaba had a generous mindset and sacrificed their whole life for the betterment of society. Shirdi a famous spiritual destination in India is located in the state of Maharashtra. This is the place where Shirdi Baba lived for several decades and worked relentlessly for the betterment of society. 

Interestingly, shirdi sai temple is one of the richest temples in the world which generates billions of dollars as revenues every year. You may have a question like – why shirdi baba is famous? It is worth noting that Baba, a world-renowned fakir, and a saint par excellence lived a simple but austere life till he breathed his last in Dwarakamai. 

He has conquered the hearts of millions of people through his noble work. He preached the world the true meaning of spiritual upliftment, universal brotherhood, simplicity, and truthfulness. He loved kids and adults equally and showed maximum respect to one and all.

He also preached the philosophy of one god where he often utters “Allah Mallik”

Millions of people irrespective of caste, creed, and religion took to the streets to pay obeisance when Baba left behind his mortal coils in Dwarakamai.

Saibaba stayed in a dilapidated mosque for years where people from all walks of life assemble and perform daily poojas and aarati to baba. 

Even now you can witness plenty of poojas and aarati like the ones listed below performed inside the sanctum sanctorum of shirdi sai temple.

– Kakad

– Satyanarayana pooja

– Noon Arti

– Dhuparati

– Shejarati

Standing in front of Baba’s idol and praying peacefully inside the sanctum sanctorum will be a divine experience for the devotees those who throng the temple. 

M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism are one of the best tourist operators in tamil nadu that offers cheaply priced tour packages to Shirdi like the ones listed below.

– Shirdi, Jyotirlinga Temple tour 3N/4D tour

You will get an opportunity to visit plenty of jyotirlinga temples that are located near Shirdi after visiting Shirdi sai temple. Some of the temples are Grishneswar Jyotirlinga temple, Trimbakeshwar temple, and Bhima Shankar temple. 

– Madurai to Shirdi Pilgrimage Package 1N/2D

Tourists who opt for this package will get an opportunity to visit the Shani Shinganapur temple and the Renuga temple along with Shirdi sai temple. 

– Shirdi and Pandaripuram 1N/2D

If you opt for this package you will get an opportunity to visit Pandaripuram along with Shirdi sai temple. Pandaripuram is an ancient temple where the presiding deity is none other than Pandarinathar. Visiting this ancient temple will be a great experience. 

M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism offer nominally priced tour packages to Shirdi which you can choose at any point in time. 

When it comes to Maharashtra there are hundreds of famous tourist spots, ancient temples, theme parks, beaches, and mountains that will keep the global tourists busy throughout the day. Listed below are some of the best tourist spots that see millions of tourists throughout the year. 

Best tourist places in the town of Shirdi

  • Khandooba temple

Khandooba temple which is few kilometres away from Shirdi is an ancient temple that is also a crowd puller. When baba was alive, he used to visit this temple quote often and pray before Lord Shiva for several minutes before exiting. 

Mahalspathy was the head priest when baba lived and they both used to interact with each other inside this temple for hours before dispersing. Mahalsapathy became a staunch devotee of Baba within few months and he followed in his footsteps. Their strong friendly bondage extended till Baba died. 

His belief in baba was so great where Mahalspathy took care of Baba’s body for three full days till his soul came back to Baba’s body. It is also a miracle that is published in many publications and books. 

  • Samadhi Mandir

A tomb was constructed in remembrance of Baba after he died which is called Samadhi Mandir. Whoever comes and prays in front of the samadhi mandir will get relief from all types of problems. Golden words that were uttered by baba is engraved on the samadhi mandir.

  • Wax Museum dedicated to Baba

Dixit Wada Wax Museum which is located near the temple is dedicated to baba. You can find wax statutes of baba which will be a delightful experience. Most of the wax statutes are lifestyle structures that are carved brilliantly and aesthetically. You can also find vintage photos of baba taking pictures with his devotees and followers.

  • Chavadi 

Saibaba used to stay here and meet his devotees before he proceeds to other places. Now it is converted into a storeroom by the government authorities. But you can spend a few minutes here before proceeding to other tourist places in shirdi

  • Cottage of Abdul Baba

Abdul Baba was also a staunch believer where he used to meet him regularly in Dwarakamai. Baba used to meet him in this cottage and discuss various things with him. 

  • Sai Heritage village

Sai Heritage village which is few kilometres away from Shirdi is a hermit where statues and idols of Baba singing and dancing with his devotees are installed for public viewing. You can also see the idols of villagers chatting with baba and enjoying their discussion. You should check the visitors’ timing before entering this village. 

Why should tourists hire a reputed tourist operator?

There are plenty of holy temples, palaces, museums, UNESCO sites, and natural reservoirs in India that sees millions of tourists throughout the world. These tourist spots also act as stressbusters for people suffering from anxiety and stress. 

The holy ash which is distributed as prasad in shirdi sai temple has curative properties since it is blessed by shirdi baba. You can apply the same on your head and get instant relief from physical and psychological problems quickly. 

You should always hire a reputed tour operator if you are planning to visit Shirdi. The benefits of hiring one of the top 10 tourist operators in chennai like M/s Rengha Holidays are listed below.

– Guaranteed affordably priced tour packages

– Plenty of choices in tour packages to Shirdi.

– Best guidance and support till such time the tour culminates successfully.

– On-time departure and return to the starting point

– Safety and security guaranteed

– Strict adherence to rules and regulations

– Friendly assistance at all times.

Customer support executives working at M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism will be available for round-the-clock online and offline assistance.

Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba
Shirdi Sathya Sai Baba

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