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Shirdi Sai Baba’s – Hello My dear Child! Be Brave!! I am always with you!!!

Praying will pay off!

If my lyres are written, ignorance will vanish, and if they are listened to with care and devotion, the sense of worldly life will subside and the power of devotional love will rise above the waves. If one sinks in the depths of my rhythms he will pick up the precious pearls of wisdom.

Om Shirdi! Om Sai Ram!! Om Shirdi! Om Sai Ram!!

Also, if a person utters My name with love, I will fulfill his desires and increase my devotion to him.

If he sings my life and deeds with enthusiasm, I will surround him in all the dilemmas before and after him.

I will give him boundless bliss and lasting satisfaction if he plays my lullabies with the hope that I will bring the pleasures of nature to the servants who have confessed their souls and lives to me.

It is my special nature to free him from all dilemmas who attains complete surrender, who worships with faith and who remembers and meditates forever.

I will pull all those who continue to pronounce my name and worship me out of the mouth of death.

If my stories are heard, the pride and arrogance of getting rid of the disease will disappear. The mind of the listener will be calmed. Not only that, if one is fully devoted to the heart, the mind becomes one with supreme emotion. Sai Sai My normal reminder is to remove the sins of listening in speaking.

Also, be wherever you are and do whatever you want. But keep this in mind well. I know everything you do. I myself sit at the heart as the personal ruler of all.

I embrace the eye-moving and immovable omnivores of this world. I am the one who controls and controls the soft appearance of this universe.

I am the one who drives and protects and destroys all emotions. The one who distracts me, nothing causes misery. But the illusion will shake the one who forgot me.

All insects, ants, the visible, immovable, immovable world are all my body or figure. ” No doubt.

How to crawl!

Pradashinam is said to be coming from the right side of the temple. But this is called pradatsanam, why this contradiction?

Not for you to spin from right to left. Pradatsinam is the name given to the roundabout to the right of the idol located in the temple.

After bowing to the Lord, we must turn to our right. This is why the heart is on our left, isn’t it? This is called the Lord’s freezing place. So, they say we have to go back to our right side after bowing down to turn right to the Lord within.

Why do they say that our right hand should not turn around the Swami, our right hand will stand on the south side when we stand towards the east. South is called Ema Direction. We go to the right of the Swami so that those who go to the temple do not go in our direction.

Be brave

My dear child!

The Tirtha Yatra you go on, including Siradi, is a hymn that is always praised by me, which is superior to fasting, sacrifice and donation. Nonetheless, the superior is the meditation I put on my feet.

What do you get if you focus on the current situation without realizing that catching my feet is the supreme profit and drowning in debt, restraint, loss anxiety, grief?

Look at me with kindness. Why is it such a big test for me with the mouth that Baba said we are watching you from Siradi? Tolerate and endure all that is lamenting that it will not save me at all

You say. The flood is going over the head. You are asking how to be responsible now baby!

Baby! To enjoy what is destined to be enjoyed. It is impossible for me to escape from it. If so, how many of you are normal human beings?

Everything will pass and difficult conditions will turn out like a dream. I have told you so many times that you alone do not lose courage. Did you hear Not at all!

You speak with confidence that one day my dad will save me. No one will save me another time. Ask everyone for help. You lament that no one does.

If you have read the story of Panchali in India, you will know what others have told you. As she was tormented by her insanity, she screamed at me to sit face down on her hips as adults and others of all grades.

That roar was not enough. Because she was holding her saree when Tussauds sighed. She is confident in her strength and self-confidence I was silent as we have no work to do.

The moment she realized her mistake she was afraid that her dignity would be lost and at that moment she loosened her sari-clad hands and called me asking for danger.

Then, realizing that her strength and effort were no longer fruitful, I immediately gave her a saree that no one could sew and could not sew. The saree was not taken off, except that the villain had fallen to the ground Self-confidence also weakens when no hope works. At that time people like you did not think of surrendering to me except to spend time scolding me and criticizing others. Success is guaranteed if you surrender to me.

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