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He radiated a mysterious smile and a profound look inside, of a peace that passes all understanding. He was constantly and truly mindful of what happened to everyone's hearts and minds, be they, devotees or not. Here's the living spiritual force which draws people into his fold from all walks of life, from all parts of the world.
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I heard of this true story of Sai from my friend, he lives in an independent house in Chennai. He conducted a house warming function after ground floor work is finished and moved in with his wife and a four year old daughter. The walls on the terrace were not complete; the steel rods were barely shown above the roof top. The stair case was provided outside the building to access the terrace. His wife used the exposed rod to tie a clothesline and hang clothes to dry. Along with her daughter, his wife went to the terrace to pick the clothes, her daughter who was playing with a ball fall over to the ground floor. As there is no wall built she fell upon stones that were lying on the ground. The mother shocked to see this, cried aloud and fainted in no time. She felt a touch and heard her daughter voice saying “Amma, Amma get up”, her child was waking her. She surprised to see her daughter with no injuries and asked “I saw you falling, how come you have no injuries or any bruises?” and staring at her.

Her daughter replies that an old man raised me up and touched his hand on my bleeding on the forehead, it vanished and said you will be fine my child now go and get your mother. I ran to up stairs and came to wake you. The lady was even more shocked by the answer, asked her how was the old man looking. She replied he was looking exactly like a god who looks old whom you worship daily in the puja room. Her eyes were filled with tears and run to the streets to look after him, unfortunately, she can’t find him. Then she went inside the house and asked her daughter did he look like him pointing to Sai Baba picture, she replied yes. She thanked Sai by showing aarati. Baba comes himself live to help the people who believe and pray to him.

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