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Saibaba of Shirdi led an incredibly simple and austere life, camping on the temple floor and later taking his refuge from a collapsed mosque.

This miracle of Sai Baba was seen by the people by their eyes. It’s not information or data that are collected from other devotees. The people gave equal importance to Sai Baba as if like their home, a distant hill, field and the cattles. There was a very memorable experience of one of his devotees Das Ganu. One time Das came to Sai Baba to ask permission for him going for the bank of the Godavari river for having a bath in holy water in the place called Singba. Sai replied “No,” “where is the need to go all the way when the Godavari is here right at my feet?”. Das became frustrated. Baba first agreed and denied by saying that the holy river Ganga (river Ganga is referred to the Godavari) came from the God Sri Narayana’s feet (He is one of a Hindu Gods’ trinity). But Das Ganu did not have faith in Sai Baba what he is telling and not believed that water from the Godavari will flow from the feet of Sai. Baba understood the mind of Das Ganu and he wanted to build up the faith in him. Sai asked his devotees: “come closer to me and hold the hollow of your palms at my feet!”. The palm of the Das Ganu is filled with holy water that came from the toes of Sai Baba feet. He overjoys with what happened. Das Ganu sprinkled tirtha, the holy water that came from the master’s feet all over his head and body. 

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