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Sai baba Shirdi

10 most-visited famous tourist spots in Shirdi

Temple which sees millions of visitors in a month is one of the richest temples in India. Sai devotees those who come from far-flung states, cities and countries alight at Nasik Sai Nagar Shirdi Railway Station or Shirdi Sai airport.

They make it a point to visit Sai Temple before exploring other ancient temples near shirdi maharashtra like Shani Shingnapur, Samadhi mandir, Gurusthan, Lendi baug and Jangli Maharaj ashram.

It is worth mentioning that Sathya Saibaba lived in this village for several decades and helped his devotees in plenty of ways. Only through him, the villagers learned the essence of leading a purposeful life, the meaning of true devotion, religious tolerance, and universal brotherhood.

It is believed that Sathya SaiMaharaj was instrumental in bringing togetherness and spreading love and affection among the villagers. When Shirdi Saibaba lived in this small village, his ardent devotees and village folks gather in front of his Mosque where he stayed for years and sing varieties of devotional songs praising him and other gods and goddesses.

Saibaba was a perfect ascetic who renounced everything for the well-being of others and lived a simple life till he left behind his mortal coils in Shirdi. His body was buried in Shirdi and tomb was built covering his mortal remains.

People from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed and religion visit Shirdi temple and offer prayers to Baba before they enter the museum where his smoking pipes, dress and other belongings are stored.

Sitting and meditating in front of sai baba samadhi mandir along with devotees from India and other countries will be a bliss. You can get rid of your karma and start seeing positive side of life when you visit Shirdi with your family and friends.

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Visiting shirdi sai temple and offering prayer to baba will be an experience which will you not forget for years. Baba’s popular dictum namely “Sab Ka Malik EK which translated in English means “God belongs to everyone” is extremely famous throughout the world.

No one knows anything about his origin or place where he was born. But he gained popularity as a god man in the village of Sainagar and his followers staunchly believed his preaching, ideologies and philosophies. You will get that liberation from life when you enter the sai mandir which sees visitors from nooks and corners of the world.

What are the famous places in near Shirdi?

You have to enter inside the Saibaba temple complex before the morning aarti after purchasing tickets from the counter and stand in the beeline queue. Listed below are the Sai aarti schedule which will help you a lot.

Temple Opening time is 4 am.

Kakad Aarti starts at 4: 30 am and goes on till 5 am.

Midday Aarti starts at 12:00 noon.

Evening Aarti usually starts at 5.30

Shej Aarti starts 10:30 pm.

Temple Closing time is 11 pm

If you have programed your scheduled visit on Thursday, you will get an opportunity to witness babas procession which will be nothing but fanfare and joy.

There are lots of tourist spots near shirdi which will take your mind to elevated states. Touring ancient temples, museums, places of interest and exotic locales near shirdi will be an ultimate joy.

Listed below are top 10 tourist places near shirdi that will keep you busy throughout the day.

Sai Heritage Village.

Global tourists will like this manmade village that houses sculptures, statutes of baba and his close devotees, and also incredibly carved statutes of village folks who lived during his times.  

Malpani wet n joy water park

This famous tourist spot located near to shirdi temple is a wonderful waterpark that sees maximum crowded during vacations and holidays. You can swim and enjoy all types of water sports activities before exploring other tourist places in shirdi.

Shani Singnapur

This is an ancient temple that is dedicated to Lord Saturn (Shani). It is believed that one who prays Lord Saturn can get rid off ill-effects of the Saturn.

The deity is self-evolved and villagers are of the opinion that Lord Saturn will punish one who misbehaves or steals from others.

Baba’s tomb or samadhi

This wonderful tomb is constructed and maintained by a wealthy person who belongs to place called Nagpur. You can find peace when you sit and pray in front of this samadhi which sees plenty of tourists throughout the day.

Lendi baug garden

Lendi baug garden is an expansive park which houses plenty of herbal, ornamental and leafy plants that have healing properties. You can stroll with your family inside the park and enjoy the moments.

Wax museum in shirdi

International travelers will marvel Dixit Wada Museum which houses original pictures of baba, and other personal items that he used when he was alive. You will find his leather sandals, smoking pipes, bathing stone and utensils that he used for cooking food.

Sai baba Shirdi
Sai baba


This is a beautiful place where Baba lived during his last years. It is believed that he used to visit Chavadi regularly and bless his devotees who are struggling for peace.

Kandoba temple at shirdi

The presiding diety of this holy temple is lord kandoba. The chief priest namely malasthapathi become ardent devotee of Shirdi Saibaba and maintained strong relationship with him till he breathes his last.

Abdul Baba cottage

You can find varieties of artifacts in this cottage house. It is believed that baba’s ardent devotee namely Abdul Baba owned this cottage when he was alive and befriended baba.

Upasani maharaj ashram

Upasani Maharaj was fond of Shirdi Saibaba and become his ardent devotee. It is believed that Upasani Maharaj breathed his last in this ashram. You will get that maximum peace when you visit this place.

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