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Fame of Ramanavami Festival! – Shirdi Sai Baba
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The baby will be born Said Shirdi Sai Baba

Sabatkenagar, a native of Akkalkot in Solapur district, went to many shrines where he lost his peace of mind after the sudden demise of his son ten years after the marriage of a lawyer. Still no peace of mind.

Came to Shirdi. Babao chased him out. Sabatkenagar, who had returned depressed, came again. Still Baba chased him out. Thus he was shaken without course.

One day a dream for his wife. She goes to the well to fetch water. When a monk was sitting under a neem tree and saw him, why was he tired? She asks me if I can fill her.

We had a good time when I told my husband about the dream. Saying that, he came back to Shirdi with Baba. Still Baba just told me to go out. This time Sapatkanagar did not go.

He rested his head on Baba’s feet and gently scanned his feet.

Mother Baba blessed him and said, “Do not feel sorry for the dead baby! I will put it back in the same womb. These feet are very ancient and sacred. Now you have no taste. Put your full trust in me. You will soon achieve your goal.”

Sabatkenagar stays in Shirdi and prays to Baba every day. He often prays. Baba said, “Why do you worship so often? A prayer that is done with humility and love is enough.

When they said goodbye he took a coconut and blessed it saying, “Put this in front of your wife’s saree and go comfortably without any worries.” He was preceded in birth by a son named Ande Muralitharan. Sabatkenagar lived with Sai devotion. It was not him who chased Baba away, it was him, the anxiety, the karma, the despair that was within him. Of course you will have a baby. New needs, facilities, etc. are all evolving.

Rama Navami Festival

It can be said that a large number of people started coming to Shirdi from around 1897. Before that the crowd of devotees coming for Baba on the radio was in the small hundreds or even a few thousand. After that it rose from seven thousand to seventy-five thousand. Then millions of people began to flock to the floodwaters.

When this special Rama Navami festival started in Shirdi, people started flooding.

The contributor is a surveyor. His name is Gopal Rao Kund. He has three wives and no children. After praying to Baba and having a baby, he decided to hold a ceremony to thank her for it.

Since Baba was considered a Muslim, he did something to make him happy, he wanted to celebrate Urus festival on the day of remembrance of Muslim saints and told devotees like him Dadya song, Dadakode Patil, Sama.

Although they obtained permission from Baba, the village headman, Kulkarni, objected and wrote to the government asking for permission. But the government gave permission for the festival because of Baba’s patronage.

Urus was then celebrated. Devotees decided that this day might be Ram Navami Day. As a result, the two festivals were decided to be held together with the consent of both Hindus and Muslims.

It served as a bridge to the Hindu-Muslim connection in Shirdi. The festival was innovated along with the sandalwood procession. This happened in 1912.

 The procession took place under the supervision of Amir Sakkar, a Muslim devotee of Baba. Three years later his wife oversaw this.

Radha Krishna Mai, the mother of Shirdi, is one of the reasons why the Rama Navami festival is so widely talked about. Due to his hard work, the festival was popularized by the rich and the devotees alike.

The festival became hugely popular in 1912. Devotion to Krishna Rao Jageshwar Bhishma. Gaga Mahajani was present and got permission from Baba to celebrate Rama Navami on Urus Day.

All the songs about Ram were composed and sung by Bishma. The Ramanavami festival was held during the day and the sandalwood nest festival was held at night.

Performances in the celebration of Rama Navami have increased since 1913.

Radhakrishnamayi started the week for seven consecutive days from the first day of Chittirai. All the devotees started regular.

It was only after this that Daskanu came to Maharaj Baba and chanted there. The crowd, which was initially five to seven thousand, rose to seventy-five thousand. This is how the Ramanavami festival raised Shirdi.

This festival is celebrated on Rama Navami in our Perungalathur prayer center. Homam Aarti and Annadanam will be held from morning till noon. Although the place is small, the devotees are like ants even though Veera is simply held by the Christian family on the side. Like truly swarming ants, devotees lined up in the streets to see Baba at our Perungalathur prayer center.

Absolute devotion

A lot of people will say that I am a devotee of Baba, the grammar of a devotee is to love him with love and desire. This is called a frame. If I love everything and love you, he will not agree. You love me and I love everything in you.

Love is coming without expecting anything in return, sacrificing oneself, giving away what is available to oneself, always remembering one’s loved one. What you put in your eyes as soon as you think of him is being unselfish .. All this is called love.

Is this how we love Baba? Baba give it to me … give it to us and we trust in Him to receive it … He who believes and waits to receive it is a believer … He is not a devotee.

We are not believers except we are all believers.

But the trick Baba used to turn us into devotees was, “You always say Sai Sai. I do not even want many forms of worship, just do complete devotion .. I will be with you, no matter what your suffering is … I will lift you up and save you from it.” You who have so far believed in Him as a believer, know clearly that when everything happens by Him and everything happens for His good, do not worry, and boldly say Sai Sai and do devotion. You will soon realize the change that is taking place in your life.

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