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Don’t be afraid of Seven and a half Saturn Period – Shirdi Sai Baba Speaks!!

Ezharaichani’s (7 ½ Saturn) Benefits to Life

If it is the Seven and a half Saturn, they will tremble with fear. They will be overwhelmed by the anxiety of constant hardships and losses in life and will suffer from unbearable stress. Victims know how true this is. But for me these seven and a half Saturn years kept me alive.

Om Shirdi! Om Sai Ram!!

When planetary afflictions made me suffer, Baba entered my life and told me to hold his feet tight.

 I held his feet tightly, and it is by his grace that the Sanctification Reconciliation Sacrifice is being conducted on a large scale every year by my effort and by the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Baba used my labors for my service at a time when the situation was such that the glove was dissolving, the consonant was grieving and being insulted by others. Avi made some of his devotees and servants slander me against me.

During this seven-and-a-half year period, he raised the world-famous servant to the status of a worshiper and to be worshiped by the devotees. He lifted up those who were blessed by the hands of this servant and relieved them of their distress.

Baba Manikkam, Baba Master, Nagaraja Baba introduced and guarded the high servants. He separated the needy from me.

I have been making this sacrifice in order to give thanks to the Lord who has given me experiences at every stage like this and blessed me to resolve the difficulties.

There were discussions on whether Sai devotee can perform Saturn Tosha Nivardhi Yagya.

Many servants ignored the Sai Darshan magazine which was published with me as its editor. Sai devotee is not affected by Saturn dosha. But I explained that I do this sacrifice for free so that the one who is not devout to Sai and spends money in seeking redemption will benefit.

Those who ignored me were ignored. Baba took this magazine worldwide and gave it to high devotees.

Not only that, the task of building a temple to Lord Saturn was arranged by the great poet Shanmugam. Work is to be started at Keerapakkam

Don’t be afraid of such a special Ezra. Come, the sacrifice is made by the servant to relieve you. With your hands, put the equals of sesame and vanni in the yagya, worship Balabhishekam to Baba and get rid of the dosha. May the Lord bless you.

Everything is for the better

Nana, Baba’s favorite servant, was sent by Baba Vibudhi when his daughter Meenadai was in labor. Became a successful childbirth. But the baby died at an early age. Not only that, Meenadai has become a widow. The family fell asleep.

Nana was sitting in silence in the mosque. “Why this silence?” Baba asked. “Baba, they know everything. Why should we have these difficulties when we are under their watch? Let’s get rid of the nephew and the baby! “

“Nana! It is wrong for you to count your son-in-law and child and come to me for them. There is no use in coming to me for these. These are not within my power. The birth of a child and the death of a relative is the benefit of ancient karma. It cannot be changed by the God who created this world. He looks at the sun or the moon, Is it possible to say two feet away from a particular place today? He can not say that, he will not say it. It will cause confusion. ” Said the answer.

Losses are inevitable. The loss that came to you and your grief is also tragic. Convince the mind. To cry for those who have lost your karma is to end their life with their karma. Comfort. All the work of Sai is for the good!

Shirdi Sai Baba Blesses any man!

Our Guru Nath Sai Varadarajan also frequently mentions this in the Satsang. That is what the eleventh chapter says.

If one is always pious and loving over Sai then soon God will see the scene. It clearly states that all desires will be fulfilled and will eventually reach a higher level.

It is easy to worship him because Sai is Sakuna Brahma. Although the seven forms of worship are the image, the yaga kundam, the fire, the light, the sun, and the water Brahma, Sai is the highest of all.

Sai is infinitely forgiving, unassuming, honest, gentle, tolerant, and indescribably satisfied. The river Ganges, on its way to the sea, cools and refreshes all the heat-affected living beings and quenches the thirst of many.

Likewise, pious Purushas like Sai bring sorrow and comfort to all. Lord Krishna is also the sage, my soul, my living form, I am Himself, He is the pure form. “

Baba respected the thoughts of his subjects and allowed them to worship Him as they wished. He was ubiquitous even though it seemed like he lived in Siradi. His ubiquitous mass nature was felt daily by his devotees. Are still being realized today.

He allowed the devotees to worship Baba as they wished. The worship of Dr. Pandit is an example of that. No one dared to put sandalwood on the forehead of Dr. Pandit Baba, once a friend of Dadya Saheb Nulkar. It is customary for only Makalsapati to apply sandalwood on Baba’s face.

Then how did Dr. Pandit do it?

Baba explained it. Dr. Pandit believed himself to be his guru Raghunath Maharaj of Tobeshwar called Gaga Puranik and said that he did the same to his guru.

Dr. Pandit also admitted that we had sandalwood on our foreheads because Baba was sitting as their guru.

Baba will never immediately allow boastfulness and alternative thinking. The Siddi Phalke event is an example of how they can continue to change and provide opportunities.

Baba did not allow the Mohammedan monarch Siddi Phalke to enter the mosque for nine months. Phalke was very upset and tried to visit Baba through Sama.

Baba finally said to him, “Why are you bragging and imagining highly and acting like a mature Shaji? Did you learn the Quran like this? Why are you so proud of your Mecca pilgrimage? That is why you do not know me.” Baba accepted as soon as Balke realized his mistake

Baba had more control over the famine giants as he corrected the mistakes and pride of human beings

Baba came out of the mosque and subdued the storm, bringing joy to the people and other creatures when a terrible storm blew, the clouds roared and thunder, lightning and rain staggered and all the living beings did not suffer.

Similarly, even when the fire in the cloth of the mosque was burning brightly, Baba suppressed its flame and gave relief to the people.

Therefore, Baba, who is the Infinite Power, blesses any man who has fallen before Him and surrendered. This chapter emphasizes that he guides them gently, without punishing them. Read this chapter daily. Get relief.

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